15 Pets in Wigs Because Cosplay Isn't Just for Humans

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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All it takes is a wig for these pets to master cosplay.

Pets tolerate an awful lot from their humans. But there's something about an animal in a wig that we can all appreciate.

Pet cosplay is gaining in popularity, filling Instagram feeds with animals pretending to be people. Or maybe the humans are just emptying Halloween boxes and want to see how patient Fido can be.

Very patient, it seems.

1. So fresh and so green, green.

I turned my kitten into the lady #gremlin just missing the red lipstick hahah.

A post shared by 🌚🦄🥑🍍🍕🖤👾👽⛈💜🍫☠👻🎃⚰💀🕸 (@facelesspuppet) on

2. When we remember Goldilocks as a grumpy blonde chick...

3. ...And also the girl with rolls.

4. Sunday morning after a long night.

Bitch stole my look! #lizardsinwigs #animalsinwigs #lizard #pinkwig

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5. Rose did say she'd never let go.

6. Channeling his inner Taylor Swift.

#doginwig #blondeshavemorefun #cutecut

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7. Papa don't preach.

Do something else, do my eyebrows #madonnadog

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8. Donald Trump, 1967.

I'm too sexy for my hair! #dogsofinstagram #bulldoglove #sexybulldog #ilovemydog #sexydog #doginwig

A post shared by Sexy Bulldog Pinup (@southernbellebulldog) on

9. Cuz baby you're a firework.

Ty in a blue wig, he really puts up with a lot lol #doginwig #doggie #funny

A post shared by Sarah Michael Nagata (@sarahmichaeln) on

10. Pretty in pink.

Such a pretty kitty! #meow #zeppylynn #pinkwig #fancycat #hiss #catinawig #catwig #ladypawpaw

A post shared by 12 Months Of Cats In Costumes (@catclawendar) on

11. Bringin' sexy back.

12. Ice, ice baby.

Girl that wig is thirsty! 😸✂💇 #catsofinstagram #catofinstagram #tbt #wig #catwig

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13. Bed head.

14. When your new hair cut makes you want to cry.

15. Up where they walk, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun.

Special thank to all you owners and pets who entertain us by playing dress up with dog wigs, cat wigs, dog costumes and cat costumes.

Have a pet in a wig that deserves some time in the spotlight? Share your photos with us on our Facebook or Instagram!

Tell us your favorite in the comments below. 

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15 Pets in Wigs Because Cosplay Isn't Just for Humans