15 Pet Heroes You Need to Meet

Posted by Tori Holmes

As a pet owner, you know that you would do anything to protect your pet.

This is why we love hearing stories about animals that would do anything to protect their owners.

From dogs and cats to rabbits and birds, these 15 animals stayed calm and did everything they could to save their humans from life-threatening situations.



When Pudding's family adopted him, they had no idea that within hours he would save the life on his new owner.

The first night Pudding, a Maine Coon mix, was brought home, his new owner, Amy, had a dangerous drop in her blood sugar level. As she began convulsing, Pudding stood on her chest meowing and biting her nose until she was able to call out to her son, Ethan, to help.

Not sure if Ethan had heard her cry for help, Pudding ran to his room and woke him up. After Ethan administered the life-saving medication she needed, Amy made a full recovery.

She credits her survival to her son and her amazing new cat that within hours in his new home had already learned her son's name and knew where to find him.


The Statesman

Yogi and his owner, Paul, have an unbreakable bond that was put to the test the day Paul was in a serious biking accident. While riding through the trails near his house with Yogi for company, Paul hit a curb that caused him to flip over the handlebars of his bike.

When he regained consciousness, he realized that he couldn't feel anything below his waist and that he was having trouble breathing. Paul knew he was seriously injured and instructed Yogi to go get his wife, Shearon.

"Go get" was a familiar command for Yogi, but he didn't want to leave his owner's side. Paul eventually convinced Yogi to go, and he ran off in the direction of home. Yogi caught the attention of Paul's neighbors, who felt the urge to follow him, as he seemed frantic.

After being led to Paul, they called for help and Paul was quickly rushed to the hospital where he received emergency surgery on his spine. As Paul adjusts to his new life in a wheelchair, Yogi is a constant companion.


Shih tzu dog fast running on stones.

During the deadly tsunami in Japan in 2011, a Shih Tzu named Babu led his owner to safety just minutes before the wave hit.

While on their daily walk, Tami Akanuma noticed that Babu was acting strangely. Normally happy to walk their regular route, Babu was frantically pulling Tami off the train towards the hill.

After a tsunami warning was made over the community loud speaker, Tami trusted Babu's instincts and followed her up the hill to safety. Once at the top of the hill, Tami realized that the path they had been on just minutes before was covered in mud and water.

While her home was lost, Tami is grateful to Babu for saving her life.


Dog Heirs

Rescued as a puppy by animal sanctuary, owners Eve and Norman had no idea that one day Shana would return the favor.

A half German Shepherd, half-wolf mix, Shana is a large dog of 160 pounds. One October evening, Eve and Norman were caught in an unexpected storm while out doing their rounds on the sanctuary. Within minutes, what was a crisp fall day turned into one of the worst storms of the season, with sudden freezing temperatures and winds that brought down trees.

After multiple fallen trees had trapped them in the woods, Eve and Norman realized that they were in serious danger. After a few hours, they heard something digging under the trees. Using her brute strength, Shana dug a trail under the tree large enough for Eve and Norman to crawl through.

Weak from exposure, Shana carried Eve and Norman to safety, where firefighters who had been called by concerned neighbors met them shortly after.


The Richest

Napoleon, an English Bulldog, risked his life to rescue a bag a kittens from a lake.

While in the front yard with his owner, two-year-old Napoleon acted quite out of character when he suddenly bolted across the road and into the nearby lake. Due to their body shape and size, English Bulldogs are not strong swimmers, but Napoleon didn't let that stop him.

As his owner ran after him, Napoleon was swimming back to shore dragging what looked to be a burlap sack. After bringing the bag to his awaiting owner, they realized that inside the bag were six kittens.

Unfortunately two of the kittens didn't survive, but Napoleon's owner nursed the remaining four back to health before they were brought to the adoption center to be rehoused.


Female Rottweiler

Kathie, a parapalegic, was able to narrowly escape a burning truck thanks to her Rottweiler, Eve.

After her truck experienced a major breakdown, Kathie found herself trapped in a truck that was slowly filling with noxious gas and smoke. After shoving her dog and her wheelchair out of the cab, Kathie became disoriented and trapped.

It was then Eve ran over, grabbed her ankle and dragged her away from the truck. As the emergency services arrived and the flames began to spread to the gas tank, Kathie tried but was unable to move herself further away. Eve allowed Kathie to grab ahold of her collar and was dragged another 40 feet to safety.




After sensing high levels of carbon monoxide in the home, Shelby the German Shepherd alerted her family to the danger. After a long day of baking, John and Janet Walderbach, were awoken by the cries of the two children of a family friend who were spending the night.

Everyone in the house awoke with terrible headaches and upset stomachs, so Janet went to comfort the children. While she was with them, Janet passed out and was revived by Shelby nudging her.

Thinking she might need to go outside, John put Shelby out but her frantic barking and jumping at the door made them let her back in. This behavior did not stop until everyone in the house was safety outdoors and the emergency services had been called.



After five armed pirates boarded Peter and Betty Lee's boat, it was their dog Kankuntu that put his life on the line to protect them. After the pirates boarded their ship, they tied up Peter and demanded money.

It was then at Kunkuntu jumped into action, attacking the unwanted guests until they stabbed and shot him. After being able to retrieve nothing of value from the ship, the pirates fled and Betty and Peter were left unharmed.

Fortunately, the Lee's had the supplies on board to patch up Kankuntu until they could make their way to a veterinarian, where he was able to make a full recovery.


The Sun

When Nellie, a hearing dog for her deaf owner Gill, heard someone break into their hotel room, she did what was she trained to do. After alerting Gill to the disturbance, Nellie positioned herself between the intruder and Gill's family.

After demanding the intruder leave, he eventually did, Nellie did not leave her position until the coast was clear. By positioning herself between her family and threat, she made a physical barrier that showed the intruder he was not getting through.


NBC News

After Belle's owner, Kevin, begins convulsing due to dangerously low blood sugar, she calls 911 for help. In situations like this, Belle is trained to find Kevin's cell phone and bite down on the number 9 to dial 911.

One day, Kevin's blood sugar levels dropped dangerously low and Belle found his phone and did what she is trained to do. Fortunately, help arrived and Kevin received the help he needed, but he knows that if it weren't for Belle, this story could have had a much different ending.



When a dog began attacking her owner's four-year-old son, Tara the cat jumped in to protect the boy. While playing on his front lawn, a loose dog snuck up and grabbed the little boy by the leg and began pulling him away.

Within seconds, Tara charged at the dog, not stopping until he had left the property. The boy received 10 stitches and Tara was the first cat to ever win the Los Angeles SPCA's Annual Hero Dog Award.


Greenleaf, Kansas, United States of America.

A pet bunny named Rabbit rescued his family by alerting them to a house fire. When the fire began spreading towards the sleeping family, Rabbit began scratching frantically at the bedroom door.

His efforts paid off and the family was able to escape to safety with only mild smoke inhalation.



After suffering a heart attack, Jo Ann's cries for help were responded by the family pig, LuLu. After finding Jo Ann collapsed on the floor, LuLu ran outside and tried to stop oncoming traffic by laying in the road.

When a motorist finally stopped, LuLu led him into the home where Jo Ann was awaiting help.


Mother Nature Network

When farmer Noel slipped while working on his farm, his goat Mandy kept him alive for five days until help came. After Noel fell and could not get up, Mandy stayed close by, huddling with him for warmth and allowing him to drink her milk for sustenance.

After five days help finally arrived, and Noel was rushed to the hospital where he made a full recovery.


Daily Mail

When Willie noticed the toddler his owner was babysitting was choking, he called out for help. As the toddler began to turn blue, Willie began flapping his wings and yelling "Mama, baby!" until his owner, Megan, ran into the room.

After performing the Heimlich maneuver, Megan was able to dislodge the obstructing food and the toddler began to breathe again.

Our animals are not just there for companionship, they can literally save your life. Give your pet a hug because they really are incredible.

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15 Pet Heroes You Need to Meet