These 15 Naughty Ponies Give Their Riders a Run for Their Money

These 15 naughty ponies are full of mischief and trouble, and look like quite the handful for their riders and caretakers to manage. 

There's a reason why "pony" is a four-letter word. Sometimes, the biggest trouble comes wrapped in the smallest packages. Ponies have earned themselves a reputation for being tricky, smart, and a total challenge to ride - and it doesn't help that their riders are usually young and inexperienced. Naughty ponies can mean big trouble, no matter how small they may be.

If you've ever ridden a challenging pony, then you know just where these miniature equines get their reputation from. And the ponies (okay, there are some horses thrown in here, too) in these photos prove that these naughty ponies don't always care about the rules.

Take a look at these naughty ponies.

1. Here's trouble!

2. Total innocence, really. 

3. Ponies are supposed to be on their best behavior at shows....

4. Dinner? Don't worry, she's on top of it - literally. 

5. Oh, timing. 

6. Not the kind of fence we want them to jump....

7. This pony's face after he escaped - priceless. 

8. Whoops....

9. Someone's taking themselves for a stroll

10. Well, just help yourself. 

11. Fence? What fence? 

12. Seriously? 

13. Nope! 

14. Escapee pony. 

15. We all know a wheelbarrow tipper. 

Is there a naughty pony in your life? Naughty ponies do have important lessons to teach us, but only if they're naughty in a safe way. A pony who's bolting, rearing, or exhibiting other dangerous behavior needs some time with a trainer in order to ensure his rider's safety.

But ponies who challenge us in safer ways can actually be valuable for young riders. They will quickly teach a rider how to be assertive and to establish control. Riding a pony full of mischief can help riders learn how to train and correct behaviors, making them a stronger, better rider in the long run.

What's your best naughty horse or pony story? Share it with us in the comments!

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