Stubby Cuteness: 15 Munchkin Cats That Will Make You Melt

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Munchkin cats will just walk all over your heart with their stubby legs!

Munchkin cats are pretty new as far as breeding goes, having been around since the 1980s. The breed was started on a bit of a fluke when a woman found a pregnant cat under her truck and half of the babies ended up with short legs.

These babies were the start of a new breed, which quickly got approved by the International Cat Association's genetics committee and was introduced to the public in the early 1990s. Since then, Munchkin cats have really taken off and are incredibly popular.

Munchkin cats come in all different colors, and luckily they do not have any of the spinal problems that other stubby legged pets like Corgis and Dachsunds sometimes suffer from. Here are some of the cutest munchkins out there:

1. Basking in the Sun Munchkin

#澄橘 #曼赤肯 #munchkin

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2. "Helpful" Munchkin

Mom's trying to figure out how I got up on the counter. #MunchkinsCanJump #iWillNeverTell #CanYouGetMeDownNow

A photo posted by Loki The Munchkin (@lokithemunchkin) on

3. Standing tall on short munchkin legs.

- 로리는 핑크코, 쥐는 핑크귀.. 킁킁킁...? - Sniff sniff. - #숏다리로리

A photo posted by Rory.K (@mr_rory.k) on

4. Stubby Siamese Munchkin

5. Playful Kitten Munchkin

6. If I fits... I's a munchkin.

7. Munchkin Hat

8. Floppy-eared Munchkin 

9. Perched Munchkin

Reclining on Pride Rock ?? #tobychenouw #munchkincat #scottishfoldmunchkin

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10. Flabbergasted Munchkin

11. Inquisitive Munchkin

12. "Is it lunch time yet?"Love, Munchkin

13. Tiny-Eared Munchkin

14. Hunting Munchkin

15. 'Sup Munchkin?

Munchkin cats may be new to the breeding world, but they are sure to stick around for a long time.

Munchkins are not only adorable, they have great personalities and get along well with other pets, too!

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Stubby Cuteness: 15 Munchkin Cats That Will Make You Melt