15 Hedgehogs That Are Ready for a Costume Party

Posted by Tori Holmes

When it comes costume parties, hedgehogs will always win best dressed.

Whether they go for something scary, like a vampire, or cute, like a ballerina, you can bet hedgehogs can pull it off.

When it comes to costumes, hedgehogs will have nothing to do with that store-bought costumes business. They are all about keeping it handmade.

Don't believe us? Just take a look at these crafty little creatures!

1. This hedgehog who thinks you might need a bigger boat.

hedgehog 15

2. This hedgehog who can't decide which holiday he likes more.

hedgehog 14
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3. This hedgehog who is enjoying the view from up there.

hedgehog 13

4. This hedgehog who's feeling pretty flashy.

hedgehog 12

5. This hedgehog who wants to wish you a hoppy day.

hedgehog 11

6. This hedgehog who wants to suck your blood.

hedgehog 10

7. This hedgehog who promises she's a good witch.

hedgehog 9

8. This hedgehog who just wants to say ¡hola!

hedgehog 8

9. This hedgehog who is taking a break from practicing her pirouette.

hedgehog 7

10. This hedgehog who wants you to giddy up, partner!

hedgehog 6

11. This hedgehog who is patiently waiting for his letter from Hogwarts.

hedgehog 5

12. This hedgehog who is showing off his favorite fall flavor.

hedgehog 4

13. This hedgehog who wants you to remember that the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.

hedgehog 3

14. This hedgehog who thinks that the stegosaurus is the best kind of dinosaur.

hedgehog 2

15. This hedgehog who loves the power that comes with his hammer.

hedgehog 1
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Need some help with a costume of your own? You might want to ask one of these hedgehogs for tips.

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15 Hedgehogs That Are Ready for a Costume Party