15 Hedgehogs Found in Garbage Can in San Diego's Ocean Beach

Posted by Tori Holmes
African Pygmy Hedgehog

San Diego officials are asking the public to come forward with any information about who threw 15 hedgehogs into an Ocean Beach garbage can.

In early June, the Country Animal Services in San Diego received a call from a person who found 15 tiny animals disposed in a garbage bin. When they arrived on the scene, animal control officers found several of the hedgehogs loose in the can and more inside a tied garbage bag along the other Ocean Beach trash.

Tragically, of the 15 found only 10 were alive, one of which later had to be euthanized due to the severity of its injuries it received while in the plastic garbage bag.

hedgehog on the human arms

Currently, the nine surviving hedgehogs were in poor condition but are getting the care they need at a local shelter until they are well enough to travel out of state. Because it is currently illegal to own a hedgehog as a pet in California, the Southern California shelter is working with the animal welfare officials to find a facility in a neighboring state who can help legally rehome the animals.

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In an appeal to the public for information on this cruel act, County Animal Services Director Dan DeSousa said;

"Hedgehogs are very shy, timid creatures and for someone to tie them up in trash bags and throw them away is unconscionable. We need the public to step up and say that this is completely wrong and to help us identify the owner."

If you live in San Diego county and have any information that may help this animal abandonment investigation, you can get in touch with the County of San Diego County Department of Animal Services on their website or Facebook page.

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15 Hedgehogs Found in Garbage Can in San Diego's Ocean Beach