15 Hairless Dogs Who Think Fluffy Coats Are Overrated

Posted by Tori Holmes
Why Hairless Dogs Rock | Wide Open Pets

When it comes to thick, fluffy coats, some dogs just don't get what the big deal is.

Hairless dogs are growing in popularity today with people who suffer from allergies, as well as with those who just love their unique look. More often than not, these follicly-challenged canines are clumped into the overarching group of "hairless dogs."

What many people don't realize, however, is that there are several distinct hairless dog breeds, each with their own unique history and appearance. There is one thing that these breeds do all have in common, though: They think that fluffy coats are overrated.

Let me introduce you to 15 amazing dogs that will show you exactly why they love living the hairless life.

They have another reason to constantly be near their favorite human.

@hairlessfergus & I appreciate the outdoors in our own way .. #hehatesit #hairlessdog

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They know their humans can't say no when they jump in their warm beds.

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They are masters of disguise, able to blend into any environment.

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They have learned to master the fine art of layering.

They save a ton on shampoos and conditioners.

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Their friends are different, but similar in many ways.

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They know how great fuzzy blankets feel on bare skin.

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They know how to rock what little hair they do have.

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They can change their look whenever they like.


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They don't have to wait long to dry after a dip in the pool.

They don't have to worry about a thick coat making them overheat on hot days.

They always have an excuse to buy cozy pajamas.

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They have the best style of all their friends.

They know how amazing it feels to get under a big, comfy blanket.

So next time you see a hairless dog, don't feel bad about their lack of fur. While the world might be a bit chilly at times, these hairless dogs know how to use this to their advantage.

With all the benefits that come with the hairless life, you might just start to feel bad for your haired canine!

Do you love hairless dogs? Tell us in the comments below!

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15 Hairless Dogs Who Think Fluffy Coats Are Overrated