15 Funny Chicken Mugs That Perfectly Describe the Life of a Chicken Farmer

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Step aside, crazy cat lady. There's a crazy chicken farmer in town, ready for that morning coffee.

If you've got chickens, then you're starting your mornings early, and you probably start them with coffee.

Add some chuckle to your daily morning routine with these hilarious chicken mugs, from puns to innuendos to Trump.

1. SkyUp Mugs - Guess What? Chicken Butt - 11 Ounce White Ceramic Coffee or Tea Mug

chicken mug

Who likes chicken butts and they cannot lie?

Get your chicken butt mug for $14.95.

2. Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers! Funny Coffee Mug

rooster mug

If you're the early bird all the night owls can't stand, this rooster mug is for you.

Support your rooster friends for $12.98.

3. Funny Chicken Coffee Mug - Drink Coffee and Pet My Chicken Mug Cup

chicken mug

This one's for all the party animals out there, and by party animal we mean the people who prefer a night in with Netflix and their pet chickens.

If you know how to rage coop-style, buy this ceramic mug for $14.95.

4. Just Got Laid Coffee Mug, Chicken Gift, Chicken Coffee Mug, Funny Chicken Gift

chicken mug

For all those jokesters who like a good innuendo, we've got the hen mug for you.

This one is $17.95 and makes a great gift.

5. BEST FUNNY GIFTS for crazy chicken lady

chicken mug

Ignore all the nay-sayers; if you raise chickens, you are definitely sexy and killin' it.

Showcase your sexiness and mad chicken husbandry skills with this chicken lady mug for $14.95.

6. The Chicken Whisperer - Funny Farmer Coffee Mug 11 Oz

farm mug

If you say you can talk to chickens, we believe you, because we understand you.

Give your super powers the shout out they deserve for only $10.97.

7. Chickens Coffee Mug - I Just Freaking Love Chickens, Ok - Funny Chickens Gifts

chicken mug

Say no more.

We support you, and you can support yourself for $13.56.

8. Evolution Of The T-rex To Chicken Funny Home Office Coffee Mug Cup Black (11 ounce)

farming kitchen

This is an actual sketch from Darwin's studies.

Show your science pride with this funny mug for $15.95.

9. got chickens? - Funny Humor Ceramic 11oz Coffee Mug Cup

got chickens mug

This one is simple yet to the point. Move over cows; chickens are here to stay.

Get your own thought-provoking mug for $11.50.

10. CafePress - Chicken Motives Questioned Mugs - Unique Coffee Mug, Coffee Cup

chicken mug

Speaking of thought-provoking, we stand behind the dreamers of the world.

Keep dreamin' for $15.99.

11. This Egg Is Gonna Be HUGE.11 oz Funny Chicken President Donald Trump White Coffee or Tea Mug

trump chicken mug

If there's anything that can lighten the political mood, it's chickens.

Watch the morning news with this coffee cup for $14.94.

12. Always Be Yourself Chicken White All Over Coffee Mug

funny chicken coffee mug

Love yourself, and also love the life of a pet chicken. They've got it pretty good.

If you can't be a chicken, at least spread the dream for $13.11.

13. Funny Chicken Mug - I've Got OCD (Obsessive Chicken Disorder) - 11 oz Coffee Mugs Gifts for People Who Love Chickens

OCD chicken mug

If your chicken population won't stop growing, this mug was made for you.

Accept that you have a problem and deal with it for only $7.49.

14. Chicken Gifts-Chicken Themed Gifts-Chicken Mug-Chicken Dad

funny chicken coffee mug

Never has such a bold statement been more true.

While you're busy adding more chickens to your flock, add another mug to your cupboard for $16.95.

15. Chicken Coffee Mug - Hen Rooster Theme Gifts - Funny Chicken Lover Accessories 11oz Cup

funny chicken coffee mug

For the person who is only an introvert around humans, we present to you this mug.

Drink coffee in the silence of humans but surrounded by the clucking of hens for $15.95.

People love coffee and people love chickens. Chicken mugs combines the caffeine-coop love affair. Get this travel mug as a bonus so you can take your love of chickens on the road.

chicken travel mug

If you got this far, then you must be a YUGE chicken fan. Consider adding more chicken paraphernalia to your home chicken coop with our list of similar items: chicken-themed kitchen products. Be sure to check out our chicken shaming articles, too!

Remember that it's never too early to buy your Christmas gifts too!

Which chickens mug do you most relate to? Tell us in the comments below!

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15 Funny Chicken Mugs That Perfectly Describe the Life of a Chicken Farmer