15 Dogs Who Are Working on Their Tan Before Summer's End

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Fall is just around the corner, so these dogs are making the most of the summer sunshine while it lasts.

It's sun's out, guns out for these pooches!

Dogs enjoy basking in the sunlight just like their humans. Some warm their bellies while others warm their backs.

We came across some dogs catching rays in adorable and hilarious fashion. Check them out.

No Judgment Here

All I wanna do is have a good time... ????

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Sunning Buddies

Sun Princess

Belly Side Up

That's the Spot

Relishing This Moment

The thought of being in direct sunlight pretty much terrifies me. But, MM is diggin' it. #dogstanning #gingerproblems

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Lake Life

I'm so over #summer. Done tanning. On to jumping in piles of leaves! #cottage #dogstanning #puppynap #puppies #lake

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In the Sun and the Shade

To each their own #dicethedog #sailorthedog #sailorbaby #dogstanning #sunbathing #cute #shistzu #blackdog #golddog

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Lawn Bathers

Sunbathing dogs #hot #sun #dogstanning #niceweather

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How City Dogs Tan

Tandem Tanning Bed

Catching Rays while i work #whippets #dogsoninstagram #dogssunning #macjac

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Window Rays

Sunny Bliss

Sun lover. ?☀️? #dog #dogs #dogsinsun

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Blinded by the Light

Baked Couch Potato

The sun is a natural sauna for animals. Dogs and cats often lie on warm rocks to collect heat which can help healing and lessen pain, especially with creaky bones.

Even though canines do enjoy sunning themselves, they can get sunburned. Pink or white-skinned dogs are especially hypersensitive to the sun, just like pale-skinned humans.

Additionally, the sun can heat up patios and sidewalks to unbearable temperatures for dogs. If you can't slowly walk across the pavement or deck barefoot, then don't expect your dog to do so! Puppy paw pads don't have a layer of hair protecting them from the ground. The skin on the pads can actually get first, second, and third degree burns.

If you're going for a walk on cement or blacktop in the hot summer, your dog might benefit from a pair of booties to protect his feet from the heat.

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15 Dogs Who Are Working on Their Tan Before Summer's End