Nap Envy: 15 Dogs in Adorable Sleeping Positions

Posted by Amber King
dog sleeping positions

Shhh, you'll wake the puppy!

Everyone loves nap time, and our dogs are no exception. One of the best parts about pet parenting is getting to enjoy all their adorable antics, and dogs have this wonderful habit of falling asleep in the cutest sleeping positions possible.

They'll fall asleep on your lap, on the floor, on your bed, in a box, or on the sidewalk, but wherever they are, it's always adorable. These 15 sleepy canines represent everything we love about doggy nap time.

1. That moment when you have things to do but your dog is sleeping on you...

2. Double doggy dreams.

Copper: "Twining!" ?? #copperthevizsla #kaylathevizsla #sweetdreams #twinsies #sleepypuppy #snugglebug

A photo posted by ??Copper and Kayla?? (@doubleviztrouble) on

3. This picture is worth the pool of drool on the newly cleaned kitchen floor.

All tired out! #puppy #goldenretriever #bedtime #bestdogever #sleepypuppy #tootired #humpday #isittheweekendyet #lovemymom

A photo posted by Gulliver The Golden (@gulliverthegolden) on

4. Don't even try kicking her out of bed.

5. Play hard, nap hard.

I fell asleep playing with my toy!! #corgipuppy #corgi #sleepypuppy #neville

A photo posted by Erin Pahl (@nevillethecitycorgi) on

6. Being this cute isn't easy.

after hard day of being resident puppy...

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7. Sleeping beauties.

8. That can't be comfortable...

9. The best kind of cuddles.

Rare moment she's not pulling the eyes out of her toys ??#sleepingbeauty #sleepypuppy #spaniel #dogorchameleon

A photo posted by Sinéad Bennett (@sinead_bennett) on

10. The sleepiest dog pile you've ever seen. 

11. Spooning at its finest.

12. Someone needs their beauty rest. 

13. Do not disturb: The puppy is sleeping. 

14. Slumber parties are the best.

Some puppies are sleepy from a hard day of playing! #sleepypuppies #greatdanesofinstagram #sauragepelicanroost

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15. All tucked in and ready for bedtime.

Whether they're on their tummies, their backs, twisted like pretzels, or drooling all over your lap, it's always okay to hit the snooze button for your sleepy puppy. Most dogs sleep about 12-14 hours a day, giving you plenty of opportunities to catch them in the act.

So enjoy the peace and snap an Instagram-worthy picture of your pup's favorite sleeping position to share the love.

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Nap Envy: 15 Dogs in Adorable Sleeping Positions