Anchors Apup: 15 Dogs Enjoying Summer Boat Rides

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Sun's out, fun's out! It's boating time for these pooches!

Life by the sea is filled with nautical terms and knowledge some of us will never know, but these dogs get it perfectly. Whether they're enjoying life on the ocean or lake, they are making the most of the summer fun.

Check out this collection of bow-wows at the bow. This is proof that every boat should have a four-legged crew member.

The Crew Members Who Just Need Some Time Alone in the Cabin

The Dog Who Is Still Waiting for the Engine to Rev on This Thing

The Dog Who Likes to Play on Boats But Not Have to Maintain One

You know you made it when you finally own a yacht ✌?️just kidding explorer for life ??? #dogsonboats

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The Dog Who Dreams of Bigger Toys

The Crew Member Suspected of Napping During His Scheduled Watch

Prince Tzouhalem wishes you all a very happy Christmas ✌?️? #Dogsonboats #stbernard #saintbernard

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The Crew Member Who Takes Claiming the Driver's Seat Seriously

Oh Captain my Captain ?

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The Dogs Who Think Windblown Hair is Sexy

The Crew Member in Charge of Documenting Wildlife Sightings

The Dog Who Won't Let the Cold Stop Him from Enjoying an Ocean Sunset

The Sea Dog Who Gave Up on Learning Nautical Knots Long Ago

The Crew Members Who Are on Strike Today

Ready to go! #fur babies #shastalake #cabin #yorkies #schnorkie #boatingdogs

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The Retired Veteran Whose Mooring Is Surrounded By All Things Amurrica

The Boat Guest Who Slyly Inches Dangerously Close to the Bow

#frenchieoftheday #frenchbulldog #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchie #doglife #dog #doglover #dogsofinstagram #dogsonboats

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The Onboard Nappers

It's hard being boating dogs #boatingdogs

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The Dog Who Is Just So Damn Grateful to Live the Boating Life

❤️? Jack having a Zen moment #labsrule #lablove #lakedogs #lakehavasu #boatingdogs #justlabradors

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If you're a boater, you can probably relate to these photos with a dog onboard. If you're dog-less or boat-less, you'll be wanting to fix that.

Does your pooch live the dog boat life? Share your photo with us using the hashtag #WideOpenPets.

Tell us about your boating adventures in the comments below!

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Anchors Apup: 15 Dogs Enjoying Summer Boat Rides