15 Clydesdale Horses That Aren't Trying to Sell You Beer

Posted by Paige Cerulli

We all know and love the Budweiser Clydesdales, but these stunning horses aren't trying to get you to buy anything.

The Clydesdale is a stunning breed of horse, and they're most famous for their roles in Budweiser commercials and for pulling the Budweiser wagon.

But Clydesdales do far more than advertise. Check out these 15 beautiful horses who epitomize power and elegance.

Impressing the Audience at a Show

Chris Phutully via Flickr

Enjoying a Soft Bed of Shavings

Jon Parise via Flickr

Just Being Beautiful

Holly Golabek via Flickr

Enjoying a Quiet Moment

Holly via Flickr

Greeting Visitors

Kim via Flickr

Offering Rides

Adam Cutler via Flickr

Standing Quietly

Josisland via Flickr

Pulling a Carriage (not of Budweiser)

Jean via Flickr

Driving as a Team

Jean via Flickr

Completing Driving Maneuvers

Jean via Flickr

Showing Off a Beautiful Coat Pattern

Jean via Flickr

Calmly Watching

Chris DeNuzio via Flickr

Going Riding

Jean via Flickr

Getting Hitched Up

bcgrote via Flickr

Going for a Drive

Jean via Flickr

The Clydesdale is an incredible breed. Useful for both riding and driving, these sensiblly-natured horses are known for keeping their cool in a variety of situations which might faze other horses.

Despite their large size, Clydesdales are gentle and docile.

These ones just want to love you and be admired, without the help of beer marketing.

Tell us how much you love Clydesdales in the comments below!

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15 Clydesdale Horses That Aren't Trying to Sell You Beer