15 Cat T-Shirts You Never Saw Coming

Posted by Amber King

Cats and fashion go together like naps and more naps, and these cat t-shirts make for the purrfect wardrobe.

We all know that when our cats aren't hanging around waiting for chin scratches and ear rubs, they're plotting to take over the world. You may not have noticed it yet, but the fashion world has already fallen victim to the the undeniably awesome prowess of our feline companions.

Cats in space, cats riding dinosaurs, cats eating pizza, more cats in space--everything looks better when it's screen printed and displayed proudly on your chest.

Here are 15 cat t-shirts you didn't know you needed.

BOOM! *Walks away like a boss*


Who doesn't dream of riding waves on a pizza surfboard?

pizza surf
Hot Topic

We're not sure what's going on here, but we like it.

not sure

This extraterrestrial feline does not come in peace.

alien kitty

Cat-vengers, assemble!

cap'n kitty

These cats like their spaceships glazed, and don't forget the sprinkles.

cat donuts in space
Fifth Sun

Just riding off to battle on a laser-shooting killer whale. NBD

cat riding whale

The cutest destroyer of cities to ever grace your wardrobe.

destructo kitty

Feliz Catidad and pizza for all.

feliz pizza cat

Rock and roll and hairballs.


Outer space has never looked so delicious.

hungry kitty in space

We're going to need a bigger closet.


Cats, cats, and some more surprised cats.

surprised cats
Rage On

These taco cats are out of this world.

Fifth Sun

Trumpy Cat will make your wardrobe great again!

trumpy cat
Six Dollar Shirts

It's time to embrace your inner crazy cat lady (or gentleman)! Your closet isn't complete without a few (or all!) of these wonderfully whimsical cat t-shirts.

And you know what the best part is? Most of these shirts cost less than $20! Who knew having a great sense of fashion could come so cheap!

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15 Cat T-Shirts You Never Saw Coming