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15 Cat Scratching Posts for Your Feline Friend's Eager Claws


There are two things my feline is passionate about. Taking naps and scratching furniture. I can understand the naps. Seriously, nothing beats a midday nap on the couch! Okay, but scratching the couch? That's where I cross the line. I get it, cats need something to scratch. They find it fun! Can you blame them? If I had claws I would want to go Wolverine mode on something too.

Your feline friend needs a cat scratching post. Put an end to ruined upholstery for good. You'll find some of the best cat scratching posts at Petco, Amazon, and Chewy. They're sturdy and will for sure outlast that loveseat with claw marks. Your cat won't be able to keep their claws to themselves once they get a hold of these cat posts.

Best Scratching Posts for Cats

1. You & Me Couch Cardboard Cat Scratcher

I can't think of a better scratching post than this one. It doubles as a lounger and scratching post. The kitten who is obsessed with tearing up couches will love this. A major perk is the catnip pouch that's included!

2. SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Your feline friend will get good exercise on this post. It's 32 inches high, so they'll be tempted to stretch for the tippy top.


3. PETMAKER Cat Scratching Post with Sisal Rope

Looking for a post that's short and lightweight? Consider this post. It only weighs about three pounds, so I recommend it for small cats.

4. You & Me Sisal Cat Scratch Post, 24"

Once your cat has had their scratching fix for the day, they can move onto playing with the dangling toys. It's endless fun!

5. Trixie Mica Scratching Post For Cats, 18"

Your cat will go from lounging to scratching instantly with this one! It also has a dangling cat toy for playtime.

6. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock


I'm pretty sure my feline will spend the majority of their day on the hammock while I'm gone. I am jealous!

7. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Window Climbing Perch

Does your cat love to stare out the screen door? I live in an apartment, so my feline friend will love this! His favorite past time is looking down from the balcony. This scratcher will give him a lovely view.

8. PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post with Teaser- Green Cactus

PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball Toy, Green Cactus Amazon

This one is for my Texas natives! I think everyone from the South has something cactus-themed in their home or has at least noticed this trend.


9. SmartyKat Scratch Sisal Scratcher

Save your carpeting while you can! Your cat's claws will love shredding up the sisal fabric on this post. This is perfect for those not seeking a tall scratching post for their living space.

10. TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post, Gray


TRIXIE Pet Products Parla Scratching Post, GrayChewy

Customers say their cats can't stay off this scratching post. It has a sturdy base, which is perfect for large cats that love to pounce. Save your home decor and invest in a scratching post, y'all!

11. GoPetClub 16-in Cat Scratching Post

This post is made from high-quality natural sisal, so it should be a while until your cat's claws shred it to pieces.

12. Tiger Tough Busy Box & Cat Scratching Post

GoPetClub 16-in Cat Scratching PostChewy

Yes to interactive cat toys! Your cat can take a break from scratching and enjoy swatting the jingle bells in the cubby holes.

13. Etna Pretty Kitty Complete Play Gym Cat Scratching Post

Time to hit the play gym! Watch your feline go to work on this post. From peek-a-boo, scratching, resting, and pouncing, your furry friend will have enough to do until you're home from work.

14. Tiger Tough Tower Playground Corrugated Cat Scratcher House

Check out this mini-mansion. This is perfect for multi-cat households. If you're a pet sitter and need a fun toy for pets, they'll love hanging out on this scratching post.

15. Primetime Petz Hauspanther Adjustable Under-Table Cat Scratcher

If you don't have space for a scratching post, you can opt for this! It goes right under your table. This is super convenient for apartments and home offices.

Sometimes we're stretched thin on adding new cat furniture to our living spaces. Especially if you have a family or housemates. To satisfy your cat's scratching needs, I highly recommend scratch pads. Keeping a scratching surface available to your cat is very important. Scratching pads don't take up much space and you can even place some on your walls or furniture.

The 4claws wall-mounted scratching post is perfect for cat owners that have limited floor space. They're perfect for vertical scratching! Place it high enough for your cat to get a good stretch.

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