14 Times #StraytoBae Reminded Us of the Perfect Relationship

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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These rescued pets know a thing or two about romance.

Pets are basically everything we want in a significant other and more.

They snuggle, they love unconditionally, they give us constant attention. Animals make us feel wanted and adored.

We're basically in a relationship with our pets, and they could teach our human baes a thing or two about courting. Here's proof.

When bae planned a surprise party for you.

When bae got over his germ phobia and drank from your glass.

When bae took you on an outdoor adventure.

When bae let you drive without interference.

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When bae suggested a night in.

When bae waited patiently for you to get off work.

When bae stopped to smell the flowers.

When bae partied like a rock star right there with you.

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When bae warmed up to your bestie.

When bae supported your yuletide fever.

When bae put allergies aside to have a romantic picnic.

When bae got jealous that a book was taking away from your quality time.

Will you quit with this reading charade and just pet me already?! ??

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When bae reached for your hand in public.

When bae made sure you had your morning coffee.

Can you relate?

These strays turned baes offer some easy-to-follow dating tips. If you're looking to take that next step with the girl you've been texting, turn to the furry baes for some romantic advice with the hashtag #StraytoBae.

Tell us your favorite #StraytoBae moment in the comments below!

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14 Times #StraytoBae Reminded Us of the Perfect Relationship