14 Pig Shaming Pics That Show Pigs Really Do Eat Everything

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Pigs have a habit of getting into any and everything. Now, owners are using pig shaming to call out these oinkers for their bad manners.

They're sold as mini pigs and then grow into 600 pounders. They're mischievous and destructive.

But they're also cute and cuddly and swine-fully entertaining.

Pigs are joining other barnyard friends with shaming photos that accurately showcase porcine foraging habits and mud-rolling nature. In other words, Wilbur and Petunia have been caught on camera proudly eating homework and underwear and taking bedroom etiquette into their own hoofed hands.

Prepare to snort out loud with these pig shaming pictures.

The One Who Was Fed Up with How Much Attention the Puzzles Were Getting

#pigshaming #pig #pigsofinstagram

A photo posted by Charissa (@charli_ffs) on

The One the Herd Suspects Has a Drug Habit

The Pig Who Wants to Navigate Without GoogleMap's Help

The Kid Whose Fetish the Family Tries to Hide From the Neighbors

No shame. What?!?!

A photo posted by Benjamin P. Banks (@benthepig) on

The One Who Carpe Diemed...

Stay tuned this week. Since we're new to Instagram we have some catching up to do on our #pigshaming

A photo posted by Lily and Lola (@2pigglewiggle) on

...And Then Tried to Take One for the Team

Christmas #pigshaming #lilylola

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The Pig with Sneaky Bedside Manners

So rude. #PigShaming #minipigs #pigsarepetstoo #pigsofig #pigsofinstagram #petpigs #sorrynotsorry #MayaThePig

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The Tag-Teamed Effort

The Pig Who Didn't Have a Dog to Blame But Took Matters into His Own Hands

#pigshaming #sorrymom #mmmmmmath

A photo posted by Augustus (Gus) Meyer (@augustuspig) on

The Pig Who Is Proud of His Achievements

The Pig Who Makes the Bed in Her Own Way Every Morning...


A photo posted by Jessica Czanstke (@jczans10) on

...and Every Night

The Pig Who Knows How to Make More Closet Space

#pigshaming #shreddedpapers #poutingface #grannysbaby #missmolly #minipotbelly #spoiledwrotten #farmlife

A photo posted by Rachel Clapp‍‌????Wolfenbarger???? (@future_mrs.wolfenbarger) on

The Porcine Victims of a Sugar Coma

It takes a lot of patience to own a pig, but the love in return is well worth the pay-off. So worth it that pigs have inspired owners to chase new dreams, from traveling the world to starting an animal sanctuary.

Have a pig shaming pic you can't wait to show the world? Share it on social media with the hashtags #pigshaming and #WideOpenPets.

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14 Pig Shaming Pics That Show Pigs Really Do Eat Everything