14 Pictures of Donkeys Just Being Donkeys

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These donkeys have personalities almost as big as their ears!

Donkeys aren't just for the barnyard - They are lovable, adorable, and have so much character. They make great pets, especially the miniature breeds. They may not be as fluffy as a cat or as playful as a puppy but anyone who owns a donkey will tell you they are wonderful companions.

Plus, they can be fierce when necessary - no coyote is going to get your goat if you have a donkey around!

We think donkeys are pretty awesome and have collected some of the most adorable pics to prove it.

1. Oh, hello there!

2. He-he-he haw!

Big smile of donkey

3. Gypsy Donkey 

little girl feeding the donkey

4. Peek-a-boo!

Currarevagh House

5. Won't you be my neigh-bor?


6. Feed me, Seymour!


7. Someone's ready for a nap...

Birmingham Donkeys
Birmingham Donkeys

8. Do I have any grass in my teeth?

9. Nice hat!

#Vintage #postcard #ancien #cartespostales #donkey

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10. Someone's ready for winter!

#donkey #power on #cypressisland! #thisiswork #pnw #Washington #sanjuanislands #wonderland

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11. All Decked Out

12. Ready for my close up!

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13. Cute smile!

14. Cheese!

Así saluda Tito! #donkeysmile #minidonkey #miniaturefarm #miniatureanimals

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Donkeys being donkeys is just fine by us.

You do you, little donkey.

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14 Pictures of Donkeys Just Being Donkeys