14 Cute Kittens Who Might Just Save the World

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Until you've seen these fourteen kittens, you haven't lived!

You can't help but love kittens. With their little round heads and tiny paws, their unbalanced tumbling and adorable sleeping positions, you have to agree that kittens are cute.

Which means that you absolutely have to check out these fourteen kittens, because the cuteness here is unbelievable!

Sleepy pair wondering why you woke them up. 

Ryan via Flickr

The kitten who lives in perpetual naptime state. 

1970 Lincoln Continental via Flickr

The face that can stop a war. 

Winston Hearn via Flickr

Kitten that doesn't know what happened with the toilet paper roll and wants you not to be mad anymore.  

gigijin via Flickr

This teenage kitten that wants his friend to know that he's not bad luck. 

Joe Thomissen via Flickr

This kitten that's always ready to play.

Tina via Flickr

The one that is all played out.

Dominika Komender via Flickr

Tiny Kitten = Little Lion

yomo 13 via Flickr

The kitten that doesn't like whatever you just gave her. 

Tambako the Jaguar via Flickr

Tiny cat that just doesn't know what's up or down yet. 

Ryan via Flickr

Sweet kitten that doesn't buy what you are selling quite yet. 

@ly$ in Wonderland via Flickr

Squished kitten that wishes mom would just give him some space. 

1970 Lincoln Continental via Flickr

These kittens whose blue eyes grew faster than the rest of them.

normanack via Flickr

These kittens that can bring down a human with power in numbers. 

Heather Hopkins via Flickr

How adorable! If you've ever adopted or rescued a kitten, then you know first-hand how cute their antics can be. And the best part is, there are tons more cute kitten pictures out there - they just can't help being adorable.

If you're thinking about adding a kitten to your home, remember that kittens need extra attention. You'll also want to kitten-proof your home so that your kitten can't get a hold of anything dangerous.

If you're ready for the time demands of having a kitten, then bringing home a new kitten can be hugely rewarding and entertaining.

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14 Cute Kittens Who Might Just Save the World