15 Hilarious Horse Puns for Anyone With... A Long Face

Posted by TF Oren
Horse laughs at a hilarious joke.

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Whether you're an equestrian yourself, or just hang out with them, you should never feel at a loss for horse-appropriate conversation.

Here's some fodder to help stirrup trouble your horse friends, even if all they do is groan or get a little hoarse. Because all of us, no matter how emphatically some deny it, secretly appreciate a cheesy pun... straight from the horse's mouth.

15 Funny Horse Puns to Make You Laugh

1. You're not that special.

Get off your high horse!

2. 401k... Check.

It's nice to be financially stable.

3. I wasn't planning to take a vacation, but I did.

It was a spur of the moment decision.

4. Lost the bet?

Pony up.

5. Why the long face? Friends bailed on you?

That's lame.

6. Late to your appointment?

Better hoof it!

7. I appreciate your unbridled enthusiasm. 

But it's a bit much.

8. This shindig's getting too rowdy.

Rein it in, party people.

9. Quit stalling and answer the question.

10. Did you see her new boyfriend?

He's such a stud! What a mane man.

11. Yessss! Just got promoted.

But now I'm saddled with a ton more responsibility.

12. Let's skip the opener and just show up for the mane event. 

13. Sore throat?

You sound a little horse.

14. Spending time around those two is exhausting. 

They're constantly jockeying for position.

15. Horse walks into a bar, and the barman says, "Hey!"

The horse says, "Oh yes please."

Alright, enough horsing around. Don't be a neigh-sayer and let these horse puns go to waste. It would be a real shame if they were just put out to pasture without getting a good hack first.

Yep... that just happened. Giddy up and share these hilarious horse puns with your friends!

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This article was originally published in March 2016.

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15 Hilarious Horse Puns for Anyone With... A Long Face