14 Goat Eyes to Weird You Out

Posted by Mateja Lane
Cute goatling looking right at you close-up. Young adorable white goat on green meadow background. Front view on goatling face

Goats have horizontal pupils that make their eyes look pretty weird. 

Goats have horizontal pupils to help their peripheral vision with depth perception to spot potential predators, since they're grazing animals. It helps give them a panoramic view of the horizon!

No matter how cute goats can be, their eyes, with the odd pupil shape, are a little unsettling.

Here are 14 goat eyes to keep you up at night.

1. Still pretty cute...


2. "Hang on, let me finish what I'm chewing."

Goat portrait

3. What nightmares on the farm are made of...


4. What is it even looking at?

eye of goat

5. At least he has a pretty blue iris.

goat eye

6. WEIRD. 

white goat with blue eyes

7. At least he's trying to smile. 

smiling goat
The Mountaineer

8. Regal attempt.

Brodie Karel

9. That smile distracts... 

Close up shot of the goat on the green summer meadow

10. I wouldn't want to be face-to-face with this guy.

screaming goat
Rabid Goats

Goats are funny. We all love their silly antics when they buck around like wild little children. But their goat eyes are a little unsettling.

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14 Goat Eyes to Weird You Out