14 Funny Signs That Prove Vet Clinics Have Quite the Sense of Humor

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital/Facebook

These awesome vet signs are proof that veterinarians definitely have great senses of humor.

In case you've ever wondered if your vet has a sense of humor, these signs imply that he or she probably does. Not only do these signs provide awesome entertainment, but they're great marketing strategies, too.

People love sharing these funny vet signs. That's why we've gathered 14 of the best signs together for you here. Check them out!

A Punny Joke

Gotta Love Those Whippets

No Hump Days Here

Talk About Entertainment...

Who Doesn't Love Big Mutts?

Too Funny

Don't Be Like the Dinosaurs

The Dreaded Cone


The Honest Truth

The Meta Picture

Spay and Neuter!

No More 5-Second Rule

Spay and Neuter, Please

Who Doesn't Love a Belly Rub?


Frog Parking

Dump a Day

These signs certainly catch your attention, don't they? They're even gaining some of these vets national attention. It's just proof that having a great sense of humor and not being afraid to take a bit of a risk can really pay off in the end.

If you spot any great vet signs in your travel, be sure to snag a picture and send it to us. We'd love to see them!

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14 Funny Signs That Prove Vet Clinics Have Quite the Sense of Humor