14 Dwarf Pets That Will Make You Like Teeny Tiny Things

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Get ready to squeal at the cuteness overload of 14 pygmy pets around the globe.

Whether they live on a farm or in an aquarium, there are some adorable dwarf-sized, fun-loving pets out there. You've heard of teacup pigs and miniature horses, but did you know there are itty bitty seahorses and chameleons?

These animals go a step beyond pocket pets. Check out some major mini adorableness.

1. Miniature Cows

big dog and Miniature Bull
Miniature Bull

Selective breeding and hybridization brought about a handful of miniature cattle species. Pretty darn tootin' adorbs on a farm, especially when they're smaller than a dog.

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2. Pygmy Marmosets

pygmy marmoset

These miniature primates are becoming a hot commodity in the world of exotic pets, but they fare better climbing trees in the rainforest. Weighing in at around 100 grams, these are the smallest monkeys in the world.

Regulations differ from state to state on whether or not you can have these miniature animals as a pet. They really are not the easiest to take care of, but they sure are cute!

3. African Dwarf Frogs


These frogs only grow to the size of a penny. Easy to home, they are excellent swimmers and love bloodworms.

4. Miniature Horses

Barcroft TV/YouTube
Barcroft TV/YouTube

They're not quite ponies and they're not quite horses; they're miniature horses! These dwarfed individuals are friendly and often employed in animal assistance therapy.

5. Miniature Donkeys

AssN9 Ranch
AssN9 Ranch

If you can have a miniature horse, why not a miniature donkey? These smart, friendly, stubborn souls double as companions and guard animals.

 6. Miniature Mules

KWAK/Backyard Herds
KWAK/Backyard Herds

And if you can have a miniature donkey, why not a miniature mule? These tiny tots have at least one miniature parent, although the other parent is usually smaller in size because, well, you know.

7. Miniature Sheep

Two by Two Acres
Two by Two Acres

With a face like a Teddy bear, these bouncing cotton balls are an adorable addition to the pasture. A number of species exist, including the babydoll sheep, so take your pick!

8. African Pygmy Hedgehogs

This Is Northumberland
This Is Northumberland

If you have a tiny hedgehog, you're likely enjoying the company of the African pygmy. Their European brothers are also common pets but measure a wee bit larger in size.

 9. Dwarf Geckos


With many different species, dwarf geckos are native all over the world. If you're looking to downsize your reptile collection, look into miniature pet geckos.

 10. Pygymy Chameleons


Though there are many subspecies of the pygmy chameleon, Brookesia micra is the smallest species of these master camouflagers. Good luck finding crickets small enough to feed these little reptiles!

11. Pgymy Seahorses

Barbigant's pygmy seahorse

For anyone with a saltwater aquarium, how about adding a teeny tiny seahorse to the mix? Seahorses are already small, but some species reach a length of less than two centimeters.

You might have to lead a search for them in your tank not only because of their size, but also because they are great at camouflaging!

12. Tiny Turtles

Lazy Penguins

Giant tortoises are common pets, but smaller versions make great household companions, too. The common musk turtle only grows to about four inches while a few mini species of tortoises and other aquatic turtles can fit in your hand.

13. Teacup Pigs

micro pig pet with girls

We can't leave out the most popular pygmy pet! These little guys are aptly named, but be wary if you're planning on adding one of these piggly wigglies to the family. Pig sellers often trick you into buying a normal piglet, which you might not have room for as it grows!

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14. Pygmy Goats

White Pygmy baby Goat

Why not have an entire pasture of dwarf animals? The pygmy goat looks like a little fluff ball its entire life--no kidding around here!

Having mini pets would be so fun! Share this with someone who needs more pets, specifically mini ones.

Do you have a mini pet? Show us in the Facebook comments below!

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14 Dwarf Pets That Will Make You Like Teeny Tiny Things