14 Dogs Taking a Swim to Beat the Summer Heat

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Retrievers aren't the only water dogs!

We've all had those pool party guests who are there for the free food, not the swimming and socializing.

Some of these dogs just want to catch a tan, while others want to catch a ball. There are those who make a big splash and those who stay poised on the water's edge.

Dogs certainly have different affinities for water. Which party guest loves swimming most?

The Beach-Goer Who Likes to Feel the Wind in His Sails

The Friend Who Always Plays Games at the Beach

The Friend Who Refuses to Admit Size Is an Issue

Pool day for Dino! It's hot out there ?

A photo posted by Kimberley & (mostly) Dino (@knmenard) on

The Friend with the Weekend Getaway

The Pool Guest Who Is Working on His Tan

The Party Guests Who Refuse to Be in over Their Heads

The Splash Heard Round the World

The boys had a fun day swimming! #adoptdontshop #swimmingdogs

A photo posted by Michelle Winslow (@rescuepuppyluv) on

The Couple Who Just Wants to Take a Dip

The Guest Who Likes to Test the Waters First

The Poolside Gossipers

The Invitee Who Prefers a Lounge to a Swim

When it's hot...you gotta do what you gotta do! #cockapoo #swimmingdogs #raftlife?☀️??

A photo posted by Mr Fitz (@fitz_agram) on

The Pool Guest Who Can't Figure out the Raft

My baby Bella likes lounging in the pool #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dontbullymybreed #swimmingdogs

A photo posted by Shanna's Pet sitting (@shannas_pet_sitting) on

The Friend Who's Done for the Day

Hey guys! Can I play, too? ?❤️#makenewfriends

A photo posted by cali (@calithedudleylab) on

The Friend Who Can't Get Enough

Retrievers particularly seem to love the water the most, which makes sense considering they have specially webbed toes made for swimming.

Taking your dog for a swim is not only a great way to beat the heat and prevent heat exhaustion this summer, but it's also a great way to tire your pooch out. And, they'll get plenty of exercise to stay trim so they can have a fit beach bod.

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14 Dogs Taking a Swim to Beat the Summer Heat