14 Corgi Butts That Got Us All Like...

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Corgi Butt

The world has an obsession with Corgis because these hips don't lie!

Is that a loaf of bread or a Corgi butt? Sometimes, we just don't know. Until we poke it, of course, and it does that Corgi wiggle-waggle dance the Internet has come to know and love.

And we know many dog lovers call the Pembroke Welsh Corgi their best friend! This is not only a cute corgi post but corgistagrams that will make you smile. 

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And guess what? Here's proof that Corgi butts are the best thing on the Internet, and also look an awful lot like that bread you just put on the counter.

Heart Shaped Booty

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heart shaped booty and a lil bit moody

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As far as dog names go - this Corgi should be named for that heart shape!

The Corgi Butt Seen 'Round the World'

Corgi butts seen around the world are so adorable they could be on greeting cards! 

Sunday Bumday 

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Sunday bumday 🍑 #lookbackatit

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Would you rather a bloody mary for Sunday brunch or a cute Corgi butt? Most pet lovers prefer Corgi butts of course. 

Heart Healthy

These Corgi curves show us why you should adopt a Corgi!

The Sploot

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Sploot Sunday!

A post shared by Winnie 🍯 (@winniethecorgi_) on

This corgistagram will blow up social media - what does this body language say to you? 

Fire Hydrant!

Shakira's Inspiration

Little Drum Stick Legs

Kardashian Proud

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Kardashian butt corgi! @corgis_butts #corgibutts

A post shared by Drew Wild (@wildpics1) on

Cute enough to make an appearance on Ellen! Corgi butts drive me nuts. You too?! 

J-Lo's Girl

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dat booty doe #annabellestubbs

A post shared by N E A N (@neannnn) on

The Bread Aisle

Pet lovers- some of the Corgi butts look so much like bread loaves I cannot tell the difference! 

Toast, Hold the Butter

Potato Bread

The Loaf That Got Away

Quick! Grab some dog carriers and catch up that Corgi Butt!  

Did you enjoy these animated pup pics? Our staff loves all dog breeds but the Corgi butt belongs on t-shirts!  

Who let the butts out? Specifically these butts, and where can I find a sea of Corgi butts pronto?

For some more Corgi wiggle-waggle, be sure to check out Corgi racing and make sure your schedule is clear for the rest of the day because you'll just be getting started.

Got some Corgi butt love to share? Post in the comments below or tag us #wideopenpets.

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14 Corgi Butts That Got Us All Like...