Autumn Leaves Mean Cat Heaven: 14 Cats Redefining Leaf Raking

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Give a cat a leaf, and they might just become best friends.

Kitties love when the summer weather cools down, the season shifts, and leaves begin to fall. Not only do cats enjoy a breeze in the air, but they also go crazy with leaves.

Autumn is a favorite time for people and pets. Check out these cats helping their humans rake the leaves... or maybe just playing in the piles.

Going for an autumn stroll...

Yellow and orange flora and fauna ??#catsandleaves #catstagram

A photo posted by Melanie Bell (@melaniejbell) on

I spy with my little eye...

Just waiting under the tree for every leaf to fall.

"I claim this leaf as my own."

Little cat loves leaves too #yayforautumn #catsandleaves #littlecat #Napier #NZ

A photo posted by Maisie Pitcher (@maisiejayboff) on

Curbside clean-up.

"I'm just gonna take a nap right here..."

Oscar dug in and made a nest of leaves. He seemed pissed that I disturbed him for a pic.

A photo posted by Erin Alexander (@hikes4wine76) on

"That fall smell is in the air."

"Mouse hunting is far more difficult with all these leaves."

playing in the leaves. ???? #catsofinstagram #leafplay #outdoorday #catsinleaves

A photo posted by melissa anne (@heyymelissaanne) on

"White is not a good color for camouflage." 

"I made this pile of leaves and now I'm gonna sleep in it."

#mrgeorge #kingoftheleafpile #gingercat #catsinleaves #fall #happycat

A photo posted by Victoria Richards (@vlrichard) on

"I don't mind the leash if it means I get to play in leaves!"

"Got my fleece. I'm ready for fall."

"Just a few grass clippings to top off the leaf raking."

Finn was hiding in the leaves :3 #cats #fall #catsinleaves #leaves

A photo posted by Yochana (@_collateraldamage_) on


Biz has always been a leaf jumper ?#tbt #nocatswereharmed #fallfun #fallfoliage #throwbackthursday

A photo posted by CrossEyedCat ? (@xeyedcat) on

Outdoor time is important for pets. Fresh air can help keep them healthy mentally and physically.

It doesn't take much to entertain a cat. They like leaves just as much as they like boxes.

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Autumn Leaves Mean Cat Heaven: 14 Cats Redefining Leaf Raking