14 Cozy Cats in Christmas Sweaters Ready for Some Weather

Posted by Paige Cerulli
cat wearing sweater
Cats Wearing Sweaters

Is there anything cuter than cats in Christmas sweaters? We don't think so. 

Christmas means Christmas sweaters, ugly sweater parties, and the perfect excuse to stay at home in your PJs on Christmas morning.

But rather than be left out of all the fun, these cats are sporting their very own Christmas sweaters. Take a look at these cuties all ready for Santa.

Ready for Christmas.

Well he was wearing a sweater...

Quite the fashionista.

Ready for snow.

An adorable little elf.

#catchristmas #catchristmassweater #socute #mylittleelf ??☃️

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A Christmas sweater and Christmas cat toys.

Just way too cute!

Maybe he's not loving the sweater so much.

Only #decent #picture of the #catChristmassweater

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All bundled up.

Fraya in her Christmas sweater

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What an adorable duo.

My boys in their Christmas sweaters! #catchristmassweater #christmas #christmassweater #holidaycats

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Let it snow, let it snow.

Red is definitely his color.

Cute little reindeer.

We can't even.

Cats Wearing Sweaters

Aren't they absolutely adorable? Sure, some of the cats seem a bit happier wearing their sweaters than others do. If you're attempting to put a sweater on your cat for the first time, go slowly. Your cat may not feel as enthusiastic about dressing up for Christmas as you want him to be.

Make sure that the sweater is generously sized so that it easily fits over his head without restricting his movement. It may take you some time to introduce a sweater to your cat, and if you have a particularly opinionated cat, he will probably let you know exactly how he feels about getting dressed.

Sweater not a hit? You can still get some cute holiday photos with your cat. He might agree to wear a small Santa hat for a bit, or you can always get some great shots of him with the Christmas tree.

Meowy Christmas!

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14 Cozy Cats in Christmas Sweaters Ready for Some Weather