14 Blanket-Destroying Horses Who Play a Little Too Rough

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These blanket-destroying horses are causing their owners tons of frustration and costing them even more money. 

Do you have any blanket destroyers in your barn? You know, the ones who somehow completely destroy a blanket in a matter of hours. Or the blanket Houdinis who slip out of the most complex, tight blanket straps? Or even worse, the pair of horses who play rough and shred each other's blankets while they're still on their bodies?

These blanket-destroying horses aren't only frustrating, they're expensive to keep blanketed, and it seems like every barn has at least one of them.

Take a look at these 14 blanket-destroying horses and see the crazy damage they have caused.

1. How? Just, how? 

2. Even ponies can be rough on blankets.

So this is what I found at the barn today...#blanketdestroyer #ponyproblems #nowhewillfreeze 🌬😬

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3. "It's too warm, I want it off!" 

Why couldn't I have a normal horse for once?!?! #blanketdestroyer #problemchild #zipsattraction

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4. At least the patches are cute. 

5. Patches on patches on patches. 

6. That's never a good sight. 

Task...that blanket did not look like that yesterday!!! #arabian #blanketdestroyer #horseshaming #horsenation #teamjpb

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7. Stylish, right? 

8. Oh, there's no saving that. 

9. Seriously, what do these horses do? 

10. A little drafty, right? 

This sweet girl is my WCW everyday! #princessuno #blanketdestroyer #loveher

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11. RIP blanket. 

Another bites the dust... Ugh #larinirbr #blanketdestroyer

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12. Well, just freeze then. 

13. When the right-sized blanket is destroyed, you make do.

14. Seriously? Seriously!?

Umm okay there boys, this isn't a magic mike strip show...#naked #pony #strip #horseplay #blanketdestroyer

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If your horse is super hard on blankets, you can use a few strategies to try to dissuade his destructive behaviors.

First, if possible, separate your horse from any herds which lead to roughhousing. If your horse needs to stay in the pasture with others, you might spray his blanket down with Raplast, which will make the blankets taste nasty. Also, make sure your horse's blankets fit correctly, and that the straps are properly adjusted. A blanket that's too loose will be easy to lose in the pasture.

If your horse is still destroying things, consider investing in super heavy-duty blankets. Rambos are known for being extremely durable. You might also consider blankets that come with warranties, like SmartPak's blankets, so if your horse does damage a blanket, you can get it replaced.

Of course, you may also consider whether your horse needs a blanket at all. It would certainly simplify your problems!

How have you dealt with a blanket-destroying horse? Let us know in the comments!

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14 Blanket-Destroying Horses Who Play a Little Too Rough