14 Best Boy Dog Names Because Fido Is Getting Old

Posted by Kirstin Wright

Our dogs quickly become like family members to us, so it's essential that they have a good name. Let's take a look at the best naming options for your furry, four-legged boys.

Gone are the days of dogs called simple names like Spot or Rover. People are more creative these days when it comes to naming their human kids, so why not spread that inventiveness to their furry kids, too?

An original dog name could spark conversation anywhere when you need to get your pup's attention; the dog park, the pet store, animal-friendly cafes. Have some fun with picking out your male dog's name and use this list as inspiration.

14. Sawyer


Sawyer is the perfect name for the dog who loves to go on adventures with you. Oh, and also if you're a fan of Mark Twain.

13. Puppy


No need to re-invent the wheel. Even your most forgetful friend will remember what your dog's name is.

12. Max


Max is one of those dog names that has been around for awhile, but is still cool and trendy.

11. Jessie


You can't help but say Jessie with a smile. I should know.

10. Kai


Does your buddy love to put his paws in the sand? Kai, which means ocean in Hawaiian, is the perfect name for him.

9. Bear


Big, furry, and the best hugger around. That dog sounds like a Bear to me.

8. Dawson


This one's for all the 90s kids out there who couldn't get enough of "Dawson's Creek." Your dog could love splashing around in a local creek or have long, flowing, blonde hair for this name to work.

7. Chase


For the rabbit-chasers among us.

6. Strider


Strider is the perfect name for the long-legged dogs. Think Greyhounds and Great Danes.

5. Storm


It can be upsetting when our dogs get terrified by thunderstorms, but it's also a facet of their personality you can name them after.

4. Tripp


Tripp should be your name choice for two reasons. First, it's trendy and original. Second, if your little guy is smaller, we all know they love hanging out right under our feet.

3. Tango


If your dog is the life of the party when guests come over and dances the night away, Tango seems like an obvious name choice.

2. Buzz


Everyone will be buzzing when they hear you call to your little guy with this clever, catchy name.

1. Ace


Short and catchy, Ace is the perfect name if your dog is always at your feet during your weekly poker games.

There's nothing wrong with the classic names we've all heard over and over, but your little guy has a special place in your heart, so why not name him something that reflects that?

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