A Pooch Can Dream: 14 Awesomely Creative Dog Beds

Posted by Amber King

Help your dog catch some z's with a dog bed straight out of their dreams. 

Our furry friends deserve the best, and if they're not already hogging the blanket in your own bed, they need a comfortable place to snooze.

This list includes some of the best pet beds out there. From ambitious DIY projects to store-bought gold, these 14 dog beds will have your pooch counting down the minutes until bed time. Not to mention they'll look great in your home.

1. This DIY tire bed is the perfect fit for a pint-sized pup.

practically functional
Practically Functional

2. For the rustic outdoorsy kind of pup.

all things rustic
All Things Rustix

3. This pet bed doubles as fashionable furniture.

Woof Talk KW
Woof Talk KW

4. Add a palm frond and a sandy beach and this pup is ready to go.

Pet Lounge Studios

5. The stuff tennis ball dreams are made of.

we heart it
We Heart It

6. The best screen saver ever.


7. This one's pretty self explanatory, and also the cutest thing you've ever seen.

goods home design

8. Nom nom nom! Being eaten alive never looked so cozy.

fino filipino
Fino Filipino

9. Furniture rehab at its finest.

diy network
DIY Network

10. Bags all packed with nowhere to go.

design sponge
Design Sponge

11. Everyone's favorite channel.


12. This retro dog bed is a new take on a classic ride.

country living2
Country Living

13. This cozy nook is the perfect cuddle cave.

country living
Country Living

14. Nothing says doggy diva like this four-post masterpiece.

awesome inventions
Awesome Inventions

These dog beds are cute and ready for cuddles, just like your favorite four-legged friend. Whether you're looking for something cute and creative or your dog prefers something best described as luxurious, these dog beds should give you and your pup a good starting point.

So go ahead and start shopping so you too can spoil your pooch with the dog bed he's been dreaming about.

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A Pooch Can Dream: 14 Awesomely Creative Dog Beds