13 Turtle Puns to Help you Shell-ebrate the Holidays

Posted by Stacey Venzel

What's a holiday work party without a little pun?

Bust out the Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and be the talk of the office with these 13 turtle puns. For best results, we recommend delivering these puns while donning an ugly Christmas turtleneck sweater.

Hurry up and get laughing, you slow poke.

1. "You throw a shell of a good party!"

2. "I hope you come out of your shell this holiday season."


3. "Have a turtle-y awesome Hanukkah!"

4. "It's time to shell-ebrate!"

5. "May you have a turtle-iffic New Year!"

loggerhead sea turtle

6. "Be sure to take a shell-fie in your ugly sweater!"

7. "I hope your holidays aren't a turtle disaster."

8. "Don't get sturtled by our crazy New Year's shell-ebration."


9. "What a shell-ection of Christmas cookies you have!"

10. "I shell-dom have this much fun around a dinner table, especially without my shell phone."

11. "Due to finan-shell difficulties, all my gifts are homemade this year."

12. "Stay out of Grandma's way in the kitchen. She runs it like a turtle-tarian."

13. "Last year we learned a lot, but 2017 tortoise nothing."

Hopefully, these funny puns got your shelly laughing like a bowl full of...well, shelly. We hope your holiday shell-ebrations are top notch! Sea turtles, cute turtles, snapping turtles, and pet turtles everywhere hope you have happy holidays!

Do you have a turtle pun idea to share? Post it in the comments below!

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13 Turtle Puns to Help you Shell-ebrate the Holidays