13 Times #CorgiLove Stole Our Hearts

Posted by Stacey Venzel

We like Corgi butts and we cannot lie.

Corgis might not be ranked number one in the most popular dog breed category, but, like the majority of dogs, they win at stealing our hearts.

Their loaf of bread butts and sensational sploots skyrocketed them to stardom. Now, Corgi racing is in the running for the fluffiest, happiest sport in all the land.

We checked out what these doggos were up to so that we, too, could spread some #corgilove.

Those Eyes Though

Those Feetsies Though

Those Ears Though


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Simba's Other Half

The Water Dog

The Sand Man


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The Cookie Cutter

Star Status

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The Birthday Girl

Case of the Mondays

Beach Bums

Running with my new Corgi friends at Corgi Day 🐾

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The Winter Enthusiast

One of my first times playing in the snow, and I lost my legs!

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Ultimate Frisbee Champion

That was a lot of Corgis, but really, we can't ever get enough.

Is there such a thing as too many Corgis? We don't think so!

In case that wasn't enough Corgi love for you, feel free to share you own Corgi photos in the comments below!

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13 Times #CorgiLove Stole Our Hearts