13 Things We Say to Our Pets: Kitten Edition!

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Our pets really get an earful.

Especially when those pets are teeny tiny kittens! They need extra coaching and extra chats, just to make sure they're doing well and not causing any unnecessary terror. But they'll usually cause unnecessary terror regardless of how often you tell them not to, let's be honest.

Here are 13 of the ridiculous things I find myself saying now that I share my home with a kitten!

1. "When I said I wanted to take a bath- you weren't invited."

Cute little kitten with towel, close up

2. "Why is there cat litter on your face? Ew, is it in  your mouth?!"

3. "I promise you, the water in your bowl, is the exact same water that comes out of the faucet. You don't need to drink out of the faucet."


4. "No. You're not even allowed to look at the curtains. Don't get any ideas."

5. "How did you get in there?" Also, "How did you get up there?!"

6. "Where are all your toys?" *Looks under fridge* "Oh."


7. "I spent $20 on that new toy. Of course you want to play with my hair tie instead..."

7. "Stop growing. You're not allowed to get bigger."

8. "That's a dead fly. Probably don't- oh, okay. You ate it anyway..."

9. "Stop digging in all the plants."


10. *Kitten leaves room* MEOW? MEOWW?

"I'm right here! I haven't moved in the two seconds you've been gone."

11. "No, you can't come in the bedroom. You're just going to break stuff."


"Ok, fine. I'll let you in." *Something immediately crashes and breaks* "Why do I fall for that?"

12."Why does the mail have tiny teeth holes in all the edges?!"

Kittens are lucky that they are so cute, because the amount of damage they can do to a home is unlimited. The curtains, the mail, the counters, and the plants are all in danger as soon as a kitten is involved.

I guess it's good they can't understand what we say to them. They would think they were naughty all the time!

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13 Things We Say to Our Pets: Kitten Edition!