13 Pups Loving the Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets

Posted by Mateja Lane

Spring is a special time in the Hill Country. 

Bluebonnets bloom all around Texas, and not only are Texans enjoying it but their pets are too.

Here are 13 dogs that are excited for springtime and love frolicking in Texas' state flower.

1. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Bluebonnets."

Tweet Speak Poetry

2. Spring Bliss

Dog Days

3. "Can I frolic now?"


Dachsund Trio

5. "Yes, it does smell nice."

Life with Dogs

6. "I'm gonna beat you!


7. "Want a ride?"

Gulf Coast GSMDC

8. Eep! That face!

Dachsund Trio

9. "Yeah, we know we look good."


10. Training, with a good view. 

Heather Scott Home

11. Happy Day. 

2007 Spring Family Photos 046
Ryan Loyd/Texas Public Radio

12. "I may not hear you midst all this beauty. Even with these ears."

Sugar in Bluebonnets
Rock Den Papillons

The beauty of a field exploding in Lupinus texensis is unmatched. The flowers are usually around until early May, so head out West with your four-legged best friend and frolic away!

How much do you love bluebonnets? Let us know in the comments below!

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13 Pups Loving the Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets