13 Pictures of Cows Because Mooove Over Goats

Posted by Stacey Venzel

If you're a farm girl or farm boy, then you've probably got a thing for cows.

Not only do cows make great companions, but they also look great in photographs!

We're impressed with how photogenic they are.

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We wish we had their hiking skills.

We're jealous they can eat and eat and eat.

We appreciate their many colors.

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We like to count their spots.

We can't get enough of their newborns.

We marvel at their sleeping positions.

We love their sticky kisses.

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We adore their crazy hairstyles.

We melt when they stare at us like this.

We envy their life outdoors.

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We love their boopable noses.

And it makes us extra happy to see them spreading their love.

Cows are super cute whether they're wandering in the mountains, hanging in the pastures, or roaming in the barn. Even if you're not a farm girl or farm boy, we're pretty sure you probably now have a thing for cows.

From Holstein cows to brown cows to white cows, bovines can turn your day around!

Got a cute or funny cow picture to share? Post it in the comments below or tag us #wideopenpets!

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13 Pictures of Cows Because Mooove Over Goats