13 Pets Enjoying Summer Pool Time

Posted by Samantha Bubar

During summer we all like lounging by the pool. 

That includes our pets! Here are 13 pets getting some quality pool time in.

"Yes? Can I help you?"

"I was very busy doing important things. Like lounging and getting my tan perfected. Do not disturb. Thanks."


"Guys! I think I found something!"

"Don't worry, I'll get it!"


"Go in the pool? No thanks."

"I'd rather not mess up my hair. I'll just look pretty over here."



"Cannonball! Watch this!"


"Working and pool time? Yes please!"

"Making sure my human is safe and being by a pool? That's my kind of work!"


"I'll just... test the water."

"Yeah, I'm definitely not getting in. I'm just going to supervise."


"Wow, that's a big pool!"

"That's a lot of water for a little guy like me. I'll just dry off over here."


Wait a minute...

Bears need to cool down, too!


"I'm ready for anything!"

"Bring on the waves!"


"I'm just going to float around."

"Yeah, I'll just dip my toes. I don't need to get my fur wet."



"Splashing, and a ball, and sunshine! Life doesn't get any better than this!"


"Summer is hot but as long as there's water nearby..."

"I've got a lot of hair so water is key."


"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!"

"I could swim all day! Swimming is great!"


While these pets look great sunning their furry buns in the pool, never let your pet in or around a pool unsupervised. Also be wary of consumption of pool water, because they can contain a lot of chemicals as well.

While it is important to include our pets in our summer fun, it's important to do so safely!

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13 Pets Enjoying Summer Pool Time