13 Pets Enjoy a Delicious Cheat Day

Posted by Amber King

Counting calories and watching your weight is for the birds.

These pets are living it up by taking full advantage of their diet cheat days.

Pizza, cheeseburgers, ice cream--go ahead and dig in to these 13 pictures of pets having the best cheat days ever.

"What, no pickles?"

fat pug tumblr
Tumblr/Animals Eating Cake

The perfect breakfast for this Bostonian.

boston bagel boston terriors rock
Boston Terriers Rock

"It's my birthday, and I'll stuff my face with cake if I want to."

cat birthday cake dailymail

Don't pretend you haven't dreamed of doing this exact thing.

cheetos catsa th the bar
Cats at the Bar

Sprinkles! My favorite!

dog cupcake simply sweathearts
Simply Sweethearts

Brain freeze!

dog ice cream omglolz
Yuenglings Ice Cream

Ferrets deserve ice cream cones too.

ferret ferret world
Ferret World

"My birthday wish is for more cake."

Ferret World

"I mustache you to give me your ice cream."

ice cream can i give my dog
Can I Give My Dog

"Get in my belly!"

pizza dog Mister facebook

"No, I'm not sharing."

pug fries poisoned pets
Poisoned Pets

"Pass the ketchup, please."

pug fries sad and useless

"Just one bite won't hurt, right?"

pug pizza sad and useless

While feeding your pet junk food is never recommended, these hungry pets make cheat days look oh so delicious.

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13 Pets Enjoy a Delicious Cheat Day