13 Kayaking Cats Who Live for Outdoor Adventures

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Kayaking cats are infiltrating Instagram this summer, but maybe the felines are just hoping to catch some fish.

Adventurous felines have already taken to hiking and camping. They're enjoying activities by the sea now, too.

Considering most cats stay clear of a bath as often as possible, it's surprising these felines seem to enjoy life on the water. (Well, most of them anyway.)

Check out this montage of cats loving (or tolerating) kayaking.

The Cat Who Hopes This Cat Walk Has an End 

My cat hates me and hates his life. #kayakingcats #cocoandcilantro #theadventuresofcocoandcilantro

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The Cat Who Lives Out the Adventure in His Head and That's Enough Adrenaline for Him

Kitty dreams of kayak adventures #cat #catsofinstagram #kayak #kitty #kayakingcatsofinstagram

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The Kitties Who Need Some Time Apart But This Kayak Is Just Too Darn Small

The Cat and Dog Who Tied When They Called Riding Shot Gun

The Cat Who Dreamed of Conquering the World and Thinks This Is Mission Accomplished

The Cat Who Isn't Very Subtle When It Comes to Self-Invites

The Cat Who Was Ready 30 Minutes Ago So Would Human Hurry up Already

Zig zag on the Yak Yak #kayakcat #cat #kayak #adventure #catsofinstagram

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The Cat with His Head in the Books and His Heart in the Sea

The Cat Who Hopes the Name of This Kayak Is a Promise of the Adventures Ahead

The Cat Who Is Impressed with His Ocean Reflection

The Cat Who Said Please No to Kayaking But Human Took Him Anyway

I stay here dis time hooman. ?

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The Cat Who Is Boycotting Sunsets Because, Hello, Overrated

I'm paw-sitive I just saw Nessie!! Do not fear - The Kayak Cat is here!! . . . False alarm- was just a frog. ?

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And the Cat Who Appreciates Sunsets Because, Hello, Underrated

If you're taking your kitty out on a water excursion, it's a good idea to fit him or her for a pet life jacket. Even though cats are capable swimmers, they're classically not fans of the water, and when it comes to our pets, we aim for safety first.

What other adventures will felines set out upon? Share your photos and ideas in the comments below!

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13 Kayaking Cats Who Live for Outdoor Adventures