13 Dogs Sporting Life Jackets Because Safety First

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Whether they love 'em or hate 'em, canines sure look adorable in their life jackets.

With summer temperatures hitting record highs, dogs are flocking to the water along with their humans in an attempt to beat the heat. Some prefer to take it all in from the shore while others dive in head first.

Life jackets come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your dog's shape and personality. If you want to get creative, you can even find puppy floating vests with shark fins.

Check out these pooches who are ready for a day on the water.

When you accidentally fall in the pool and you're trying to maintain your pride.

What a beautiful day #07530620006 #soggydoggy #soggydoggyhydrotherapy #swimmingdogs

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When you're waiting for someone to test the temperature before you jump in.

When you just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

When you decide you're gonna take it all in from the boat today.

Someone had fun at the lake yesterday! @jam_vin #doggylifejacket #waterdog #ilovemyboxer

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When your patience is wearing thin during the pre-swimming photo shoot.

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When they make you the lifeguard on duty but you would rather be in the water.

When you fully embrace the meaning of R&R.

Just cooling off cuz he's a ??. #bassethound #bassethoundsofinstagram #pawsaboard #doggylifejacket ☀️??

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When the water is just the right temperature and all you can think is, "Ahhhhhh."

When you're pouting because no one listened when you said you just wanted to stay home today.

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When you make sure you look darn good on that raft because those hotties are checking you out.

CPE celebrity pet @pompomchewy knows how to look cool by the pool this summer ? #pompomchewy #doglifejacket #dogsoftoronto

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When you carpe diem because the night is young.

When you and your partner forget everything the surf instructor taught you in a moment of panic.

When you've conquered the kiddie pool and you're ready for bigger and better things.

Anyone want to swim with me? #bulldog #doglifejacket #pinkisherfavoritecolor #dogswimmies

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Doggy life vests are a good idea for pets who live on the water. Even though all dogs can swim, some don't like the water and panic. Others love the water so much, they overestimate their energy level and can tire when they get too far out.

So if you have a canine who loves life by the river, lake, ocean or pool, remember safety first!

Show us your swimming dogs in the comments below!

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13 Dogs Sporting Life Jackets Because Safety First