13 Baby Pygmy Goats That Will Melt Any Cold Heart

Posted by Mateja Lane

If pygmy goats have no effect on you at all, then you should probably go check if your heart is frozen. 

Everyone likes cute animals. If you don't think these pictures of pygmy goats are adorable, if you feel nothing, then there's no hope for you. You are officially cold-hearted.

Let's see if these 13 pygmy goats start to melt that cold, cold heart.

1. Boop!

baby goat

2. "Nah, nah, nah. We are cute baby goats."

pygmy goats
Tiny Pets Hub

3. Tiny but mighty!

pygmy goat pushing against a hand
Tiny Pets Hub

4. Sassy Foot

baby pygmy goat

5. Companion Pygmy Goat Kids

baby goats
Cranbury Brook Farm


6. Lap Pygmy

man holding a baby goat
Sweet Goat Farm

7. Confidence is key.

baby goat with collar

8. Pygmy Besties

baby goats in grass
Tumblr/Baby Goats and Friends

9. Wary Pygmy

baby goat
Habitual Home Body

10. Pygmies get you. 

man with black and white baby goat
Busy Browsers

11. Picture of innocence. 

baby goat laying in hay
Eat Where You Live

12. Bucking Bronco Pygmy

bucking pygmy goat
Kivuli Kids Farm

13. Fluffy Buckling!

fluffy baby goat

How many times did you say, "That is way cute"?

Oh, 13 times?

Well, good. That means you have a heart.

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13 Baby Pygmy Goats That Will Melt Any Cold Heart