12 Totally Awesome Cat Beds

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you want to bring a little luxury and excitement to your cat's life, you can easily do so with one of these totally awesome cat beds.

Is your cat spoiled? Does he have tons of toys and his choice of various cat beds? If you want to provide your cat with a warm, comfortable place to sleep, you can choose from thousands of cat beds for sale. If you're lucky, your cat will choose to actually use the cat bed that you buy for him.

Want to have a little fun with your shopping? Then check out these 12 totally awesome cat beds. Humorous, a little crazy, and super entertaining, these beds add a little cattitude to any room. You and your guests are sure to love them, even if your cat never feels the same way.

Crazy Cat Bed

crazy felt bed

A Doll Bed for a Cat

doll bed

Yawning Mouse Cat Bed

yawning mouse

Cheeseburger Bed


Super Mario Chain Chomp Bed

chomp bed

Shark Bed

Think Geek

Under Table Bed

under table

Strawberry Bed


Suitcase Bed


Santa Hat Bed

santa hat

Fish Bed


Cat Cat Bed

cat cat bed

If you decide to buy one of these awesome beds but your cat doesn't take to it, here are a few tips to help you out. First, let the bed air out - if it's been wrapped in plastic packaging, your cat won't appreciate the smell. After a few days, try rubbing some catnip into the bed. You can also lay a shirt or a towel which smells like you on top of the bed to make it more appealing to your cat.

Try placing the cat bed in a place where your cat likes to sleep, such as on the couch or on his favorite piece of furniture. You might also put the bed next to your computer on your desk - cats love to lie on or next to computers, and your cat might pick up on the hint. Finally, be patient - your cat may come around in his own time.

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12 Totally Awesome Cat Beds