12 Top Chicken Posts of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
Brown chickens perch in coop

2017 is coming to an end. 

And it's been a year full of entertaining chicken posts on Wide Open Pets.

To kick off our 12 Days of Top Stories we have compiled our most popular chicken posts of 2017. It's been a year full of pecking and scratching, and while most of these posts are just shaming our feathered friends, some are truly educational in case you want to venture into backyard chicken ownership in the new year.

So without further ado, here are the top 12 chicken posts published on Wide Open Pets.

12. Chicken Babysitter

chicken and goat

Everyone loved watching mama hen Helga try to herd a bunch of baby goats at Sunflower Creamery.

You can join in on the fun and watch it here if you missed it the first time.

11. Coop Envy

chicken coops

These fancy chicken coops look like they were designed by famous architects. These chicken digs are enough to make you want to move in with your happy hens.

Check out these creative coops here.

10. May 4th  


Did you know that May 4th is International Respect for Chickens Day? Lots of our readers didn't know that May 4th was more than a day for Star Wars fans and were excited to learn that it is also a day to recognize our feathered friends.

Learn more about this day here.

9. Heritage Chicken Breeds

heritage chickens
Image from the Illustrated Book of Poultry, via Kottke.org

Some of the oldest chicken breeds in America are disappearing, and they are worth saving! Many of our readers agreed.

Learn about these unique breeds here.

8. Chickens in Austin, Texas


Did you know that residents of Austin, Texas are being paid to keep chickens? The city wants to cut down on waste and one of the easiest ways to get rid of food scraps is by giving it to backyard chickens.

Read more about this rebate here.

7. No Snakes in the Coop!

snake in coop
Flickr user Tom Spinker

Our readers were very excited to know how to stop snakes from sneaking into their backyard coops.

Read more about how to stop snakes from stealing your eggs here.

6. Chicken Shaming

chicken shaming

Chicken owners everywhere have so much fun shaming their naughty feathered friends. Lucky for you, we have two chicken shaming posts that made the top 12 list.

Read the first 19 chicken shaming posts here.

5. Black Chicken

black chicken
Bored Panda

Everyone loves a rare chicken. This post went crazy because who would have thought these entirely black chickens actually exist?

Read more about the Ayam Cemani here.

4. Chickens as Tick Control

Daphne Cybele

Nobody likes ticks. Really, nobody. That's why our readers were excited to learn about how efficient chickens are with tick control.

Read more about the varied chicken appetite here.

3. Chicken Puns


Everyone loves a good pun, so when we published this list of chicken puns feathers got ruffled.

See the list here and send to your friends to annoy the heck out of them!

2. Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs

blue eggs
Blogspot/From Home Wealth

Now, chicken owners know that different chicken breeds lay different colored eggs. But for people new to the backyard chicken world, this helpful list specifies which chicken breeds lay blue eggs.

Check out the breeds here.

1. More Chicken Shaming

chicken shaming

If you're a reader of Wide Open Pets, then you know that pet owners like to shame their naughty friends. People have heard of dog and cat shaming, but the less common practice of shaming chickens provides new entertainment...

Check out our most famous article here.

Stay tuned for 11 more top article posts of 2017. It's an advent calendar for animal lovers!

Which chicken story is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below. 

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12 Top Chicken Posts of 2017