12 Times Pets Took Pumpkin Carving to a Whole New Level

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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These pets are having way too much fun with their jack-o-lanterns! Humans aren't the only ones who take advantage of fall pumpkins. Carving sometimes turns into a pumpkin snack or a jack-o-lantern photoshoot when cute animals are involved. Somehow, we think that carving pumpkins took a backseat when these pets got involved in the process.

Around the barn, home, and yard, these pets, and their humans got creative with pumpkins. Some were delighted with the pumpkin guts, while others really wanted to be involved in the carving process. Continue reading below to see the Halloween decorations these creative pets came up with.

Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin Pecking

Raccoon Dogs Love Pumpkins, Too

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Pumpkin Selfies

Taste Testing

Teeny Jack-O-Lantern

How to Compost Pumpkin Innards

They're Not Big into Halloween...

Just Hiding Out

Not Afraid to Get Dirty....

Short Stem? No Problem

Slow and Steady Wins the Pumpkin Carving Race

Did you come up with any creative Halloween pumpkin carving ideas for this holiday season?

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas - With or Without Pets

If you want to have the best pumpkin in your neighborhood, you'll need to plan out your decorating ahead of time. You'll find tons of great pumpkin designs online so you can plan for a Halloween party or just decorate your front porch to greet trick-or-treaters.

Most people carve pumpkins, and that's the most traditional way to go. Carving pumpkins takes a bit of talent, so invest in a good carving kit to make the job easier. Small pumpkins are tricky to carve, so choose a large pumpkin instead. You can create or buy pumpkin carving patterns to guide you, and many of these patterns feature easy pumpkin carving ideas suitable for beginners.

When it's time to carve, go slowly and be careful. A carving knife, x-acto knife, or even a linoleum cutter can all cut through pumpkins well. Just make sure that your pets are out of the way while you're doing the actual carving. To make your carved pumpkins as safe as possible for your pets, use LED lights instead of candles to make them glow.

There are many other ways to decorate pumpkins, though. Paint and stickers are safe and easy for kids to use and can give you some great results, too. Googly eyes can give any pumpkin character, and you won't have to deal with the mess of pumpkin seeds and guts, either. Head to the pumpkin patch and pick up some mini pumpkins, too - these are great for decorating, and they can make perfect table centerpieces or can complement your decorated pumpkins.

Pumpkins only come once a year, so be sure to get your pet pumpkin photoshoots in while you can!

Do your pets love pumpkins? Tell us in the comments below.

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12 Times Pets Took Pumpkin Carving to a Whole New Level