12 Texas Mailboxes for Ultimate Farm Curb Appeal

Posted by Mateja Lane

Make it be known to everyone in your neighborhood how much you love Texas. 

Texans are arguably the proudest people in the country.

Texan pet owners are equally as proud as anyone else in the state, and while there are tons of accessories to don your actual Texan pet, there is something else ranch and farm owners can put at the beginning of their properties to make their state of origin known to everyone on the block: mailboxes.

Here are 12 mailboxes, ones from actual Texas farm owners, and ones you can buy that will make keeping up with the Joneses more like blowing the Joneses out of the water. These boxes will define your property at first glance!

1. Hey Mailman, Don't Mess with ... my property. 

gun mailboxbofh69/Wordpress

2. The Vintage Distressed Texan Home

TX mailbox

This one you can actually buy for $39.99. Get one here

3. The Home with Mosaic Charm, Texas Style

texas mailboxquiltpeace/Wordpress

4. The Home of the Traditional Gun Owner

gun mailbos
Defensive Carry

5. A Texas Longhorn Lives Here

Texas longhorn mailbox

This one you can also buy, for only $11.99! Buy it here.

6. The House with the Texan Stars

mailbox decal

This personalized decal sticker can go on any old mailbox and make it stick out. Get one from designstudiosigns on Etsy for $26.00.

7. The 'Simply Texas' Property

Texas mailbox

This simple, elegant mailbox represents your Texas pride, and you can get it here for $56.84.

8. The Funky Cowboy House

cowboy mailbox

9. Home of the Cowboys Fans

Cowboys mailbox

The proudest Cowboy fans can get this mailbox from Bananasquaddecals on Etsy for $50.00.

10. The Quaint Texan Residence

Texas Star mailbox

This pretty mailbox is available through Amazon for a mere $18.99! Get it here and wear your Texas love proud, but understated.

11. The "Even My Mailbox Is Bigger in Texas" House

Texas mailbox

12. The Lone Star License Plate Home

Texas license plate mailboxLicensetoCraft/Blogspot

Make it known to the whole neighborhood that you stand with the Lonestar State, and so do all the animals on your property! With these Texas mailboxes you'll be excited to go to the end of the driveway every day to get the mail!

What does your mailbox look like? Show us in the Facebook comments below!

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12 Texas Mailboxes for Ultimate Farm Curb Appeal