12 Stunningly Artistic Horse Photos

Posted by Paige Cerulli

These 12 stunning artistic photos make use of one of the most graceful art subjects in the world - the horse.

We all know that horses are amazing, but these photographers have captured their subjects so uniquely that we can't help but see the horses in a different light.

Whether looking for inspiration for your own photo shoot or simply looking to enjoy the beauty of the horse, these artistic photos are sure to amaze you.

Which one of these photos is your favorite?

Grazing Beauty

Javcon117* via Flickr

Perfect Silhouettes

Photo Vanova via Flickr

Eye Detail

Rosan Nepal via Flickr

Beautiful Wild Pony

diskychick via Flickr

Picturesque Grazing

Enjoy the Journey via Flickr

Horse Beyond Barbed Wire

DarrelBirkett via Flickr

Horse in the Shadows

Janice Byer via Flickr

Mounted Horse in Times Square

Stewart Butterfield via Flickr

Elegant Headshot

Karen Roe via Flickr

Black and White Eye Detail

Stefan Insam via Flickr

Impressive Herd

Amelia Chen via Flickr

Beautiful Moment

Igor Menezes Fotografo via Flickr

Did you find a photo that you fell in love with? When it comes to stunning equine photography, there are tons to choose from.

Consider buying photos from your favorite photographer, or grab a friend and head out to the barn to take some new favorite photos of your own.

The possibilities are endless, and horses are some of the most photogenic subjects out there.

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12 Stunningly Artistic Horse Photos