12 Puppies Trying Their Best to Be Hunting Dogs

Posted by Mateja Lane

A hunting dog's first priority is to please their owner. 

All hunting dogs want is positive reinforcement from their cherished human owner.

Some of the best bird hunting dog breeds include Pointers, Retrievers, of course, and Setters.

But to be the best bird dog takes practice. Here are 12 puppies trying their best and will one day make great bird dogs.

1. "Here I come!"

A Legend for All Time/Tumblr

2. "Yeah, I can't believe I found this either!"

Annabella Kennels

3. "It's almost bigger than my head!"

Best Gun Dogs

4. " I think we saw it go that way."

Irish Red Setter Puppies In Nature

5. "I'll find it, I swear."

Brown Labrador Retriever Puppy

6. "I got it! Wait, what is that?!"

Annabella Kennels

7. "What was I doing again?

Beautiful Puppy Od German Shorthaired Pointer

8. "Ready for a treat. Ready for a treat. Ready for a treat."

Ivy League Dog Training/Winick Photography

9. "This is what you wanted back, right?"


10. "You got one?? Me too!"

Best Gun Dogs

11. "But, it might be a little cold!"


12. A full day's work. 

Everything Shed Dog

These puppies are learning fast, but for now their jobs are just to be cute.
They'll be bringing dinner home for the family soon enough!

Do you have a hunting dog? Show us in the comments below!

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12 Puppies Trying Their Best to Be Hunting Dogs