Life with Horses: 12 Problems Only Equestrians Will Understand

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've been riding for a few years or more, then we're willing to bet that you've experienced every one of these equestrian problems.

Equestrian problems--we all have them. From scheduling farrier appointments around work and school to the impossible-to-catch horse, equestrians deal with problems every day. When you think about it, we're actually pretty great problem solvers. After all, to be an equestrian you have to be creative and absolutely must be able to think on your feet.

But then there are the equestrian problems that never go away. The ones that every equestrian can commiserate with, because we've all been there. We understand the challenges that horses bring to life, and we can all laugh together about the crazy things that we do because we love riding so much.

Here are some of our favorite equestrian problems.

Loose Girths


Never Having Any Money




Fake Boots

fake boots

The Hard-to-Catch Horse




Trailer Loading

Pinterest/Megan Velardo





No Stirrups


Being That Kid

that kid

Shedding Season


Do these pictures reflect some of the problems in your life? We've dealt with all of these problems, too. And as annoying as some of them may be, we wouldn't give up this life for the world. Because for as many problems as there are, there are also wonderful moments and joy and fun which makes up for every single problem. When you think about it, we're actually really lucky to have horses in our lives.

Do you know a friend who can identify with these equestrian problems? Please, share this with them. After all, we're all in this together and it can be nice to know you're not the only one dealing with these crazy problems. It's just part of life with horses, after all.

Tell us your #1 equestrian problem in the comments below!

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Life with Horses: 12 Problems Only Equestrians Will Understand