12 Picturesque Sleigh Ride Scenes

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Martin Cathrae via Flickr

You have to admit it - there's probably no better activity in the snow than a sleigh ride, especially when you're a horse lover.

Sleigh rides give us a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. As the horses pull the sleigh forward, you can hear the crunch of the runners against the snow, and the jingle of the horses' harnesses. The slap of the reins against the horses' backs leads to a little more speed, and the cold wind blows by your face as you snuggle down into your jacket.

When you're lucky enough to take a sleigh ride, you can explore nature when it's bathed in snow. Even if you don't ride horses, sleigh rides allow you to enjoy their companionship.

Here are twelve picturesque sleigh ride scenes to remind you of what you have to look forward to each winter.

A Sunny, Snowy Day


A Trip Through the Woods

John Blyberg via Flickr

A Fashionable Ride

Pete Markham via Flickr

A Whole Sleigh Full of Fun

Reno Tahoe Territory via Flickr

A Fantastical Sleigh Ride

Jeanne via Flickr

A Lovely Outing

Pete Markham via Flickr

A Classy Ride

Pete Markham via Flickr

Dashing Through the Snow

Pete Markham via Flickr

Picture-Perfect Sleigh Ride

Jodie Wilson via Flickr

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

rick_pilot2000 via Flickr

Serious Horsepower

Martin Cathrae via Flickr

Sleigh Ride via Reindeer

Heather Sunderland via Flickr

Do you find yourself yearning for snow so that you can hitch your horse up and go? If you've never taken your horse on a sleigh ride before, then start by teaching your horse to ground drive. Gradually hitch him up to a cart, and work on driving him with a cart before progressing to a sled. Make sure that your horse is calm and confident before you take him out for a real trip.

Whether you decide to take your horse out for a sleigh ride or want to just ride him in the snow, remember that moving through snow is physically taxing for horses. Your horse should be conditioned in order to work in the snow, and it's important to monitor him carefully and give him plenty of breaks.

Will you be heading out on a sleigh ride this year before there isn't any more snow left?

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12 Picturesque Sleigh Ride Scenes