12 Dogs Who Are Just Really Sorry

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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Dogs are great at showing emotion, and for these twelve dogs, there's no hiding it - they're ashamed and really sorry.

Even the most well-behaved dog slips up sometime, but what happens when dogs really slip up and do something that they know they're not supposed to do? The result is that you get these twelve guilty faces.

These dogs are so ashamed that they can make you feel bad for them - which is probably their exact intent. Take a look at these adorable twelve faces and see if you would forgive these terribly sorry dogs.

Ellie is very sorry about the shower curtain.


"I can't even look at you, I'm too ashamed."

Dog Shaming

"I can't stop pooping..."

Dog Shaming

"It was just too tempting."


"I'm just...so sorry."

Dog Shaming

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This one has a bad poker face. 

Guilty Face
Pinterest/Richard Acosta

"You can't blame me for that one."

Top 10 Dog Pictures

"I didn't know what to do!"

The Dog's Way

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"Stop looking at me like that; I know you're disappointed."

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"I'm sorry about the tea but my tongue is burnt so isn't that punishment enough?

Dog Shaming

"I thought you didn't like that one anyways."

Blogspot/Amazing Creature

"I really didn't mean to hurt your things."

Sorry Pup

If these dogs' actions don't give them away, then their guilty faces sure will!

Has your dog ever done anything super naughty? Did you catch him in the act, or did he give himself away afterwards? Show us in the comments below!

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12 Dogs Who Are Just Really Sorry