12 Pets Totally Blissed out with Their Acupuncture

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Designated nap time at the vet is no problem for these pets when they get acupuncture.

Acupuncture is on the rise for both humans and animals. It's not just dogs and cats receiving the alternative needling treatment either. Farm animals, rodents, bunnies, birds, and even reptiles can all benefit from this holistic therapy.

After the endorphins kick in, pets tend to get really sleepy. And really comfortable. Sometimes a little too comfortable.

Check out these acupuncture pets who are making themselves right at home at the vet.

The cat who was in so deep he couldn't hear the human asking if he was ready for his close up.

Acupuncture heals! #petacupuncture #acupunctureforpets #barkleypethotel

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The rabbit who who asked for more acupuncture with kisses.

The Basset Hound who relaxed so much he let his face rolls take over.

The bird who got so comfy he was mistaken for a ball of fluff.

The Persian who hates plays on words but claimed the first box she saw.

Maddie waited until her treatment was over and was "ripe!" today She is just a beautiful girl #acupunctureforpets #tcvm #shen #persiancat #acupuncture

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The dog who couldn't help but smile it felt soooo gooooooood.

Typical response to acupuncture. Raynie-approved--recommended for your pet!

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The iguana who forgot to be Alpha male because Mmmmm, that feels good.

The dog who brought books to read but succumbed to a nap instead.

The Bulldog who rests in whatever position he lands in.

Ouzo chillaxing with his needles #animalacupuncture #englishbulldog #arthritis #painrelief #petacupuncture #chillaxing

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The Frenchie who uses the human as a bed.

The Chihuahua who defied the little dog stereotype.

The horse who slept standing up.

Acupuncture affects most pets similarly. Relief can be immediate or take a few sessions to show up, but these pets all agree--it works!

From arthritis to kidney disease, pet acupuncture is quickly becoming a hot commodity.

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12 Pets Totally Blissed out with Their Acupuncture