'Tis the Season: 12 Pets Getting Ready for Hanukkah

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel! These pets all want to play!

It isn't just the humans who gear up to celebrate Hanukkah. Dogs and cats don yarmulkes and light the menorah, too.

Check out these pets who have gathered with the family for eight crazy nights.

When Mom dresses you up to kick off Hanukkah.

Happy Hanukkah from Zooey! #hanukkah #hanuakkahcat #hanukkahpets

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When you try the puppy eyes look so they'll let you open tomorrow's gifts.

When you just need some alone time with you and the menorah.

When you know no one wears a yarmulke and tallit like you.

Wishing all our friends who celebrate a very Happy Hanukkah! #hanukkahpets #animalhospital

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When you wore the decorations, literally.

When you're sad the first night is over but then you remember there are seven more to go.

When you show up to play and the gang called an early night.

When you pretend like you were there the whole time but really you were napping in the other room.

Lurking. #dragoncat #hanukkahcat

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When you couldn't find your kippah, but you're hoping no one notices.

#hanukkahdog #holidayseason #dogsofinstagram ??

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When someone cheats in dreidel and you let 'em have it.

When the dreidel is half your size but you insist you can handle it.

When you're thankful the menorah is electric this year, or you'd have gone up in flames twice already.

These dogs and cats are ready for eight crazy nights. They can't wait to light the menorah and spin the dreidel.

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'Tis the Season: 12 Pets Getting Ready for Hanukkah